This photo was taken in the future.

Precisely on 11th August 2022 at around 1pm.
What is happening here: maybe the great @Seer and @uwesmake or @johnpombe will help caption the photo.

Courtesy: alamy

Waturedio you should borrow a leaf from senyet, admin na staff members are neutral on matters politics

I’m worried for the future of this nation.

Are you sure?
Niko huko chini ya waba and I know that:
Dictator @Meria Mata ni Hasla damu.
@The.Black.Templar ni hasla pia.
@Au5 aka @Motokubwa ni hasla.

SO get your facts right gathee.

Turedio should step down.

Should as well be neutral on matters football though I support Manchester United sindio.
Come on men…

Football is football. Siasa Kaa kando @Tiger Bone

Your analytical skills are very wanting. How the hell in God’s green earth would you mistake Au5 for Wakanyama. Au5 si ni ule mama moja anaitwa Deorro

O Rly?

Relax. I don’t have much influence except for my one vote.
Furthermore no one has captioned my photo yo insinuate anything…

We also know Chebukati supports Wetangula but won’t show…when shit hits the fan next year hapa ktalk how will you moderate?

The future is Hasla

Tulia mdau. Hii kijiji inaweza fungwa mambo isipoenda unavotarajia [ATTACH=full]398505[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]398505[/ATTACH]

Photo Caption ya Daily Nation: Former DP Ruto concedes defeat and congratulates newly elected President H.E. Raila Amolo Odinga for his landslide win where he got 80% of votes. The former VP promised that his party UDA which managed only 35 seats in Parliament will play its rightful role in the opposition to ensure Odinga’s government delivers on the promises it made to the people.

Hasla is the president from next year. Ama vipi @sani ?

Caption ya the Star newspaper: Defeated candidate, Former DP Ruto accuses the IEBC of using an 80%+1 algorithm to rig him out. He wants the IEBC computer servers to be opened. Meanwhile his running mate Gashagua has conceded defeat saying “the people have spoken”.

will be more like this

Elections huwa zinaamuliwa kwa ground, before transmission. Sheria inasema secret ballot, sio secret transmission. Server zenu hazitawasaidia sana

Why on earth is the fifth here food and travel column…kibandaski to di world!