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Ujinga ni…
Chiromo Medical and Rehabilitation Centre
Shock as Patient shoots dead Nurse inside a Nairobi Hospital
Dennis Milimo | 15:20 | 07.12.2017
The Patient had been admitted at the Health Facility
Police in Nairobi have arrested a patient who shot and killed a nurse at a Nairobi Hospital on Wednesday.
The Patient who had been admitted at the Chiromo Medical and Rehabilitation Centre in Westlands, shot the nurse on duty with his pistol before screaming for help.
The patient, identified as Joseph Njoroge Mungai, a licensed firearm holder, shot 43-year-old Faustine Mwandime Mwandilu in the head at around 7.30pm last night.
The nurse in charge of the medical facility, Kevin Mulinge, reported the incident a » t Parklands Police Station.
“I had just reported to work for the night shift to relieve Faustine and while I was still in the changing room, I heard a gunshot and rushed to check what had happened at the nurses office only to find my colleague lying in a pool of blood, while the patient was screaming for help,”
recounted Mulinge.
Police who rushed to the scene arrested the patient and recovered a mini-ceska pistol with eight rounds of ammunition.
Nairobi Police Commander Japheth Koome confirmed that incident saying the suspect would be arraigned in court to face murder charges.
The suspect, who has a mental condition was admitted while in possession of the gun after he declined to surrender it to the hospital’s security.
The body of the deceased was taken to chiromo city mortuary.

Only in Kenya

niaje @mona_lisa

wait, is this true or tabloid

ni ukweli @girlciki93 , the late was former KDF, but i think there’s more to it than we are being told.

it’s awkward to die like that

The family of the nurse should sue her employer. Na hiyo bit ya murder charges, si the guy will just walk, you don’t charge mwenda wazimu

A nurse… Got shot… In a hospital… By a patient. WTF:eek:

They should have called police the moment he declined to surrender the gun

The person who allowed this should be the one to face manslaughter charges.

Enyewe hio ilikuwa ujinga of the highest order starting with how someone with a mental condition is allowed to carry a fire arm.

Boss you think hii maneno ya suedom works in Kenya ? Wacha nicheke

Works. All. The. Fucking. Time. Kwanza hiyo lazima ita succeed.

But how much money can bring back the deceased?

The security guys were told huyo ni mkumbwa msito. You disarm him you won’t have a job tomorrow…ironic coz they didn’t do their job and will eventually be the sacrificial lambs
Sadness of life

They have refused to licence me despite filling numerous forms wanapatia mwendawazimu bunduki? Fuack the government.

And have him charged with what offence at that point? They should have simply refused to admit him

:oops::oops::oops: sasa huyo jamaa alikua ana scream wakati yeye ndo kaua???akapimwe akili boya huyo