This one...

That awkward moment when you’re reading this post, and can’t stop reading because you are so intrigued by it, that you keep reading, and then you realize it says nothing important.

Thats why God created the middle finger…one on each hand, for saluting people like you. Salute.:wink:

thank God he gave only you a sh*tbrain to think something like that. were you a sloth before your current reincarnation?

King’orote endelea kung’orota ng’ong’ong’o!

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Im typing this with my middle finger



Mathree za kangemi hupandiwa wapi?

Coomer wewe nirudishie bundles zangu

No wonder your name or handle is kingolonde meaning upus

Don’t you porcupines have a sense of humour. Senzi

kama hii yako -_-

yako hii kingode

Kino, all of you.

Who lied to you, insulting talkers will make you an elder faster?

Elder of what and for what?..What benefit does it confer?

Rank boss, something called rank, even if it’s just imaginary, humans got vanity like that.

Only foolish humans got vanity

So all talkers are foolish for accepting to be ranked?

Nop…Only the ones deeply immersed in vanity