This One Was Scammed by a Ben Ten

Huyu alinyoroshwa kila kitu akaachwa kwa mataa . She is now hawking mandazi in mombasa


I’m sure bonobos huchangamka kununua juu ni mzungu anauza.

OF course, na unarusha mtama hapo kwa hiyo mix

She is most probably selling several 100s % more then any nyeuthi doing exactly the same.

Covert operative

wazungu wa self actualized countries huwa watu funny. they look at life from a different lens. mtu wa 35 years anaweza jinyonga coz baba yake ali slap mtu kwa bar :D:D:D

Dosnt look like a hawker.

She’s probably one of those woke biatches that want to go against the grain. Halafu the dad is rich so she can afford to take such a chance.

Where does she reside ? Maybe she has a novel coming out, and she has a chapter on hawking mandazi in the streets of Mombasa Kenya.

Uncle its because they live for a cause

Guys let’s keep the subtle homosexual flirting vibe out of ktalk

mkubwa enlighten us how this is related to homosexuality!! Must we sexualize every talk? This mzungu could be living for a cause, for instance selling mahamri during her free time to support a cause she is passionate about

The same goes for only fans and escorts

Ushamaliza ku brush mdomo after @Finest wine kukunia kwa mdomo yako?

Bonobos and swallowing Githeri media…That is not mombasa town…no bodabodas in msa town…This is kisumu city and the lady delievers food to street kids.

I know her personally and I’d like to say the following:
[li]Fuack you[/li][li]This is Kisumu, not Mombasa[/li][li]She ain’t hawking but rather, distributing to street children[/li][/ol]

She is dutch,runs an NGO pale Lakisama to support needy bright kids kuwalipia school fees.
They sell those ngumus to raise funds

Naeza buy hizo ngumu zote afunge job anipee cloaca

People are so angry on this forum. Jesus.

That’s Kisumu my g