this one is scripted.

you can clearly see , the vendor is concealing her face.


This John Kiarie (Fmr Redykyulass comedian) is a joke.



The camera never lies. The cameraman could have put the aperture low to blur the back of ruto.

I’m no hater.

Yes, it looks faked. Shame on WSR.

The woman was overwhelmed with emotions, you can’t fake that, its difficult to script such expression. Idiots were focusing on her covering the face and pretending to have uncovered her. Wajinga kabisa

Villager, you are so so far behind. People fake even their own death, now emotions?

JESUS CHRIST , mind hunter … mwenye macho haambiwi tazama …

I know that, but that woman wasn’t faking

You can’t fake micros expressions they are involuntary. Just look carefully when Ruto starts counting the money, that reaction can’t be faked. You can fake kneeling and other things but you can’t fake this.

BULLSH*T , anyone can act !

Villager mindhunter are soap operas real???