This one deserves a medal

From BBK

There is a group of con people operating cleverly and fleecing Kenyans. They photocopy several male names colluding with mpesa agents. They then send one sms to say 500 people that your wife is having extramarital affairs an that you need to be careful and take heed. The husbands in their fury show the messages to their wives who in their rage send mpesa of Kshs. 10 to know the name of the offender. This guy ends up making an average of Kshs.5,000 daily (Kshs. 150,000 monthly) from furious women and vice versa.

Seems made up

In this age of truecaller, that is an impossible con game…verdict, no such con exists…its just an idea!

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This one tried… Ati ‘mpenzi wako ako na mpenzi mwingine na ana nia mbaya sana na wewe’
Smelt like a con to me…just deleted the message

Kumbe this sh*t is real

hahah the fuck

bullshit…nowadays the mpesa books dont have names

haha mi siwezi tuma pesa

This is true, I know someone who got the same message