This old dance hall track

I keep on hearing this old reggae track that was popular back in time playing in my mind and do not know how to get it . Heard it back around 2005 and takes me back

The words went something like this

Man a buorn fire upon a deadass… I think it is by Freddie Mcgreggor

Rasta in the village saidia with correct song title and artist



Waziiiii bwana…

Blunt …check
Kahawa… check
Bundles… check
Units za Power… Check… Kenya power msiletee wanna

Hii pidgin ya bushman ni ngumu sana… but I am grateful all the same

I thought colloquial zote english huitwa pidgin… anyway I am not so bothered on getting it right

bora ngoma ni tamu

A pidgin /ˈpɪdʒɨn/, or pidgin language, is a simplified version of a language that develops as a means of communication between two or more groups that do not have a language in common.


Hahaha! Ati Freddie Mcgregor. me naona unatupima. Anyway hiyo ngoma ni ya Bushman na inaitwa Fire pon a Deadass. Na kama hauko poa Jamaican Patois (Patwa) hutaelewa ni nini anabonga kwa hiyo ngoma.

Yenyewe sishikanishi any… but I needed to listen to the track to exorcise some mademons


Mi nimetafuta sexy sandy, Don carlos version bila success. Hiyo ndio ilikua inachezwa reggae time in the 90’s. ya Jackie Edwards iko. Manatty wasaidie

Ongea vizuri na 123tokambio na atakusort, and in the meantime sikiza picherz


talking about bushman…this my favourite


just post the direct link. no need for the iframe tags

Try or…not very sure about that last prefix. Those mp3li guy also have audio.
Happy listening…

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@kiLo- skiza sexy sundy my favourite. huniamsha kwa kiti lazima i wake up and dance to this


@kiLo- its Jackie edwards not Don Carlos

Buda, uko sure Don Carlos haku-dub hii? Ama iko kwa kichwa yangu only?
Hii mziki hunipandisha sana. And then there was a ‘Sandy’…

zii sio don carlos. ni Jackie Edwards buda

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Don Carlos hakuwahi kusing Sexy Sandy. Ni Jacky Edwards alone

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