This nonsense about moving to Nanyuki must stop - its just hot air

Basically you are just being sold hot air. A dry place in the middle of nowhere with no water. One would rather invest in kamulu or kitengela than throw away your money in nanyuki. That is unless one is buying 20 acres plus to rear goats coz the environment is very dry for cattle.


As someone with deep roots there, my advice. Only buy over atleast 10 acres and must be near water source. Also you can’t keep cows, goats, sheep if you are not a samburu or maa speaker. So plan another economic activity eg farming horticulture or flowers herbs or quarry etc This you can confirm with anyone with deep roots there. Zetu ziliibiwa zote saa hio ak imewekwa kwa dirisha ya mtu wa job na anaambia asijaribu kutoka. And iko chini ya maji issues between ethnic groups although it is managed with the help of akina kaparo and co, hence why you find samburu MP in an area with majority kiuk+turkana. Btw turkana and kiuks get along very well here.


There is so much hype eti all the rich people have moved to Nanyuki and this is just a ploy for the plot selling companies to sell their plots in some God-forsaken places.



Kina @Yuletapeli wanauziwa mashamba huko Rumuruti kwa wasamburu


Hizi mapotbellies na manyuma yataisha when during drought, akina @Gaza and his fellow bandits come and graze their zebu cattle upto your veranda

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Kuna jamaa mmocha pirrionea alikuwa akisema ako na ranch huko

Stupid homosexual, enda ufunzwe Kiswahili mbwa wewe

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Wadau nunueni buroti maguta maguta bila kusumbua. This madness imekuwa too much. Niliona wanauza hadi nahuko mt longonot. Ati spectacular view…meffi

I’m a true son of central province and here is my opinion if you want to buy land in central province - there are only 4 counties with land worth buying and amazing beautiful land at that:

  1. Nyeri county - this is the best place to buy land in all of central. However, the best parts of the county are already owned by locals like myself. At a place like Othaya, which is the richest and most developed town, is owned by Othaya natives. If you’ve been to Othaya, the rural parts are like the leafy suburbs of Karen with even more greenery. It’s just like Tigoni in Limiru with tea plantations everywhere. A majority of the good parts in Mweiga are owned by locals as well so you’ll only get land in the dryer parts of kieni region. Inner regions like Mukurweini, Tetu, Mathira sahau kabisa. Those are owned by true Nyerians and you’ll feel out of place as an outsider if you’re not Kikuyu.
  • All in all, Nyeri county is in my opinion the most beautiful part of central province but Nyerians don’t sell land ovyo ovyo to out of towners like the stupid people from Kiambu who sold their land for two shekels. I’m actually happy that Nyeri is too far for the real estate craze to happen.

  • Naro Moru is way better than Nanyuki and it’s a hidden gem that many don’t know of. The problem is that the town is small and Kibaki owns almost half of it. And then there’s me who stole 50 acres. There’s no land for you here.

  • Nyerians waliona mbele so land was bought internally by other Nyeri people. You go somewhere and the first thing people ask you is who are you, where are you from and who’s your people. “Njetagwo Njuguna, gwitu ni kuria Othaya kundu gwitagwo Iriaini. Waambata hau rugogo hanini, wigonye thenitaini ya Kagundu, hau niho mucii”

  1. Kiambu county - not the Kiambu that you know of. I’m talking inner Kiambu in places such as Limuru going all the way to mwisho wa reli. The problem is that after what happened to Ruaka, Kiambu people are now wary of outsiders and are gatekeeping their land. Unauliza bei ya shamba they tell you 20M lakini mundu wa nyumba anaambiwa 8M.

  2. Nyandarua county - the cold will kill you if not leopards from aberdare ranges. However, the place is just beautiful. Ol Kalou, Njabini, Engineer, Kinangop, ndunyu njeru…….beautiful places. Lots of our people live there in isolation. They never leave. They only eat potatoes and drink milk. I call them Canadians because of the cold. If you haven’t seen baridi fika Kinangop ujue how it looks like.

  3. Murang’a - Good luck affording land in Murang’a

Long story short, Nanyuki is overrated, and the best places are taken. If you’re willing to part with an arm and a leg, be my guest. Otherwise, kila mtu akae Nairobi ama arudi kwao.


Well put and insightful.

Wataletewa offer ya 50 million wacha iyo 20 and with time you are misplaced na pesa.q

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I’d take the money as I laugh at the stupidity of the buyer.

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Ohh k, walalo are already doing that, and with time you are out of your so protected land.

Had to stop reading at this point


You didnt stop. kubali tuu comment imekuuma sana

Must be @ChifuMbitika mbituka