This new road should improve security and reduce cattle rustling in Baringo - uhuru alifanya kasi buana


kukinyesha, lami inakaa kubebwa mbaka kimwarer dam

Road infrastructure do not increase or encourage cattle rustling.
Specific policies in communial ranching do and can improve and transform lives of many disenfranchised folks as similar measures have been successfully implemented in marginalised communities allover the globe.(Brazil, United States, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Norway, Australia, Emirates, Greenland, Chile, Argentina).
It is only in Africa, local gatekeepers leave the plight of the taxpayers to manifest in blood, hatred, crime, poverty and murder, why??
Because these niggas do not care about your shitty welfare why? Because you are dumb enough to re elect these in a different position anyway

Hii barabara imejaa potholes sahii … enda uone.

How is the road from kabel to laikipia?