This needs to be fixed ASAP.

@admin @Deorro @Electronics4u .Kindly clean up the Kenyatalk landing page of the naked ,exposed buttocks its very annoying.If we have some members interested in such there should be a section with such content but not homepage.Otherwise hii kijiji itakuwa inhabitable.
Lets have meaningful traffic and not every idle smartphone fellow onboard will thirst for KCR, infact that idea should be abolished all together it seems to have prioritized volume over quality.


That was in the media section and I just cleaned them up. Thanks for the heads up. lemme check for more and remove them

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The randy images are gone , what i now have are suggestive google ads that link to ktalk. We need to have a decent forum devoid of all this sex oriented theme.

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those are only visible to vistors, if logged in you wont see that ad

I think we need a more mature image so that we have the right people on board not 1 minute pant dropping boys and girls.
The forums work best with referral but if the guests are met with such content it gives a negative image of what transpires .


in full support!

Google’s algos picks selects the posts, will see if they can be tweaked

They have gone back to schools

You just said what I have thought about all along but failed to put in words.
To some of us we log in in the presence of our families, and there are pictures that pop up on the front page that belong to the daily post and not Kenya talk.
When i am here, I am very well informed and updated on what is going on in the world, and many times don’t even need to see the daily papers. This, coming from a person who buys the two main papers everyday for so many years without missing, is important. It I had my say, I would wish the forum grows in that direction rather than the daily post direction.

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tulieni Mimi na ndugu @uwesmake tunataka kuona matako ya wanawake

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Which is perfectly okey. Husaficha mecho you know. Just requesting that the optical nutrition sometimes appears on the front page when you open. @ole wako kama iko watu karibu hawapaswi kujua what you browse all that time you spend on your phone.

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I shall not ask why.:cool:

Problem is, we cant always log in, sometimes I just have a few minutes to scan Ktalk between meetings and seeing bare butts when scanning the news and politics section is not only extremely annoying but potentially embarrassing if my colleagues were to look over my shoulder:(:frowning:

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