This menace cancer.

Took an old man I knew, killed my grandpa now it’s my cousin. :mad::mad:, she is 50, very young… but still cancer inanyemelea videadly (We’ve just come from prayers kwake). What’s it with cancer:oops:

Pole Bro… but apparently the Israelis have discovered a cure for cancer:

Wow, I have seen this phages technology, and it has worked on lab mice. It’s very promising. But before ifike Kenya utakuwa lini.

True. On one hand, its a good thing that they seem to have found a way to make cancer go the way of smallpox but on the other hand, it may take time for it to be freely available in hospitals. In the interim, those with cancer now may be in a problem…

ata usiseme

My condolences.

Pia nimeona sio kama a one pill cure all. Ni mtu anaudiwa one potion specific

which type,ama ni one size fits all? too lazy to click

Pole Bro, my uncle was diagnosed with cancer stage 4 and given 6 months June last year, he is still healthy and kicking made me believe in the supernatural powers.

Hawajasema but apparently it should be most if not all. It appears cancer cells have a certain mutation in common and this cure targets that mutation

what I fear is
These big pharma companies might fight it until wamalize currently stock. Which might go 10 yrs plus

This is very true. Just like alternative technologies to gasoline have been surpressed

My sympathies, we’re all done for eventually… but why is this post in the religion, spirituality and philosophy section?

thanks… Juu tulikwa tumetoka maombi, was feeling very spiritual… Ama Kuna a diseases section:(