This Man Maraga..... A Look Into The Last Time His Court Nullified An Election

When Maraga’s court (Court of Appeal sitting at Kisumu) nullified the election of Migori Governor (ZACHARIA OKOTH OBADO), we celebrated the birth of Judicial democracy. We did not even consider that the High Court sitting at Homa Bay had given Obado’s election a clean bill of health. When the euphoria died down, however, Obado appealed the decision and the Supreme Court (then) made for very interesting findings. Paragraph 151 of the ruling that upheld Obado’s election was especially interesting…

[151] …The appellate Court, we would hold, made an error by overruling the finding of the trial Court, and making findings on previously-undisputed matters. It is worthy of note that the trial Judge, after deciding as he did, considered the effect of the irregularities on the election results, and found that these irregularities did not affect the declared result, the declared winner was still in the lead, and the candidate falling in the second position (1st respondent herein) retained that position. In these circumstances, there was no basis for the appellate Court overturning the trial Judge’s decision…

In that election the numbers were as follows:
Zacharia Okoth Obado garnered 123,821 votes
Edward Akong’o Oyugi garnered 123,658 votes

The race was hotly contested, a far cry from the thrashing Raila received from Uhuru. It is not the first time the vote is being ignored on the basis of …only Maraga knows what… The only difference is that, now, there is no reprieve. The decision upholding Obado’s election was unanimous, much like the Raila Odinga decision of 2013. Of the seven judges who made the SCOK then, only three remain:

  1. Njoki Ndung’u
  2. Jackton Ojwang’
  3. Smokin Wanjala

Do you see what I am saying? Villagers, the forum is open, your learned opinions are welcome…

(Find attached the full ruling that declared the ruling of Maraga’s court null and void!) :D:D:D


he is a frigid religious fundamentalist mkora who has probably convinced himself that his decision based on his political preference was actually God’s voice


One thing that is exceedingly clear, the man was not bribed. He just happens to REALLY love his image on T.V. An exalted socialite.

maraga is always trying to play God because only he can be perfect. He recently released a book on election process and I believe it’s a thesis/research for his phd. therefore he was conducting and experiment with the people of Kenya as his subjects.


Read his court’s ruling, (at paragraph 11), which was eventually overturned

[11] The Court of Appeal in its decision delivered on 28th March, 2014 allowed the appeal. It set aside
the Judgment of the High Court, stating that: “the election of Governor, Migori County was so badly
conducted that it failed to meet the constitutional and legal requirements of a free and fair
election; and that the irregularities affected the results.” The appellate Court further ordered that the
Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) be notified to proceed and conduct a fresh
election under Section 86(2) of the Elections Act. The cross-appeal of the 2nd and 3rd respondents, as to
costs, was dismissed.

Does it look similar?

They are doing the final touches now

truth be told, teamRWNBP you’ve been too loud on the bloody conspiracies. shut your pwakin traps and wait for 17th.
oh maraga this oh maraga that oh he’s a mkora you’re all no different from the fool on this forum who is obsessed with Msando.4


the ruling made no sense, so we have to ponder it so that next time we are not as suprised as we were


Mafeelings expressed in so many paragraphs. Accept and Move On!


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are you sure when the full ruling is given you won’t have something to add?
what Maraga has done is ensure that IEBC does a job so good from start to finish that it doesn’t even come into question.
Going forward the standards will be set.
Let him be. I think we’re vilifying the wrong person. And I am 110% sure he is neither a Nasarite nor a Jubilant.


:D:D:D:D Holy sh*t the exact same ruling! What the f**k! But you know what? I blame Jubilee for not knowing this before hand. If they knew this they should have made sure he his never appointed CJ.

Will be very interesting to know what’s in their final judgement.

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he voted so am sure he support a side and most probably NASA. no election, NONE can be perfect. the just concluded elections were about as near perfect as you get. using transmission to cancel an election that was manual make no sense. as for the unsigned forms and fake form used as basis for cancelling election, then all someone has to do in future is make sure he has several ROs in his pocket and the moment he realises elections are not going his way, tell them to introduce near identical fake forms and just like that, he is given another chance


We are not saying Maraga is a bad person. We just think the ruling he made was a wrong one and this Kisumu ruling proves it. And truthfully we could have 10 more presidential elections and still have mistakes and irregularities, elections can never be perfect. Unfortunately if his final ruling doesn’t show huge irregularities and illegalities then expect this Man of God to be vilified even more, despsite having the right intentions.


Why are they taking all this time to deliver their judgement? When they made their decision, it is assumed they had reasons for it. Putting them down should not take 21 days, surely!


The only question i have, why is Raila not campaigning, and don’t tell me the Man is broke.
I won’t be surprised if Raila has a joker up his sleeves.


People are blaming Maraga but the one to be blamed is Macho Nyanya, he is the one who allowed this crap to happen

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What are you talking about? The man is campaigning but I sense Kenyans are weary after more than four months of campaigning.


but his people are campaigning. They were in nyanza over the weekend. I think the strategy is to pretend he is not campaigning. Jubilee is campaigning because they want to increase the turn out in their strongholds. Nasa knows they lost, where are they going to campaign, even before 8th, they were just going to Meru and western. Meru is hostile at the moment and they got very few votes there anyway, no new converts to win in nyanza and ukambani. They went to turkana and north eastern once. They are being pragmatic. Their pressers is campaign

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5 wapi

Iyo decision ilikuwa 5 against 2,not only maraga’s…tuliambia iebc not to hold the election if they weren’t ready hawakusika…they made a mess.For now accept and wait for 17th(not sure)…wakiharibu we’ll appeal again.