This Kenyan Betting site charges not Tax at all

Hi guyz, this website was recommended huko telegram and decide to try it out yesterday evening for europa league games. I placed a bet nikasahau and didnt receive any
winning text nikadhani bet zimeungua. Upon checking this morning, found out i won kumbe they dont send any texts like sportpesa and co. It doesnt charge the witholding tax as the likes of betika do; which makes me wonder how they’re paying their tax? anyone educate me
I was analyzing the arsenal vs liverpool game tomorrow and it has some exciting markets hadi injury time goal like the screenshots below show…

Uko sure tax collector akati 20%

4 real not even a single cent inakatwa; i tried it yesterday night na iko sawa… the minimum stake is 22 bob though; am suspecting they shoulder the tax

This is basically like 1xbet in disguise. The only reason they are not directly making the deduction is because they are not locally owned, and if they choose to they can foot the bill of the withholding tax from their own revenue without passing it to their few winning customers. The parent company of this site operates in very many countries and I think even if they were to exit the Kenyan market they would not be affected very much.

p.s. Because of such posts and statements online,soon enough the fat cats at Times tower will be on their case and I can guarantee you they will start making the 20% deduction…

Mara ya mwisho tutapata kile tunatafta

so am a fool for “marketting” them in this site kwani this is the first online forum its being posted? ive seen it all over except here thats why i decided to share !

I remember a few weeks ago Gamblers all over the internet were singing songs in praise of Betika because they were not making the 20% deduction,it did not last very long. 22bet together with 1xbet, are owned by Eastern Europeans/Russians and they can move their business out of Kenya in any minute because they also operate in many other countries. Let the gamblers in Kenya enjoy the tax free betting in this website while it lasts.

Ndio umefika huko jana, i have been their for some months now

This things should be whispered in the dark si upuzi ya kucreate posts…We have been using it for the longest time after story za Paybill na hatusumbui.

Na husemi ghaseer

What is their minimum stake?

Maze posting here doesn’t help, Matiang’i spies watafikisha news alafu ifungwe, Personally I’ve been enjoying life there for sometime now…


@admin ngoa hii thread… Sisi gamblers tutaumia wakianza kukata tax

Mbona najaribu kuRegister ina ni direct kwa 1xbet…
Na io 1xbet ina nyoa 20%


Download app link iko Hapo kwa site

you do know that is tax evasion right?

Nlitomboa na chrome …opera kwa simu ndio ilikuwa isht

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You are pulling this lie straight out of your ass,can you back the bolded statement here with any evidence. leta ata screenshot.??

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Ngoa thread banae