This kanyari guy.

Churchill really did stoop low for having this clown as his guest kwa show. The guy continues to mock God and stupid kenyans cheer him on na watu wataendelea kupanda mbegu .

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kwani shida iko wapi?!
God has opened doors for him na ako na pesa weewe kazi yako ni mdomo na kuteta juu yake

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I agree. Bringing in kanyari to Mock God and his poor financiers was the lowest point that Churchill has gone. Not to forget that goof on twitter last Monday where he was asking what a married woman was doing with a married man alone (Hon Mwiti saga)
I think success is getting into his head.

Anakua arrogant kama ule jamaa wa top gear.

Halafu he attempted to touch MC Jesse’s thing. Really sad.

Yet he claims he is saved

Wakenya ni wakenya tuu…making sinners look like juzi alileta kile kimwanamke anaka scare crow mwenye alishindwa kulipa bill ya hoteli

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Alikuwa kwa show ya Larry Mandondo pia. I don’t know why our media guys give attention to whores and thugs.

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True. Hata that Laura Oyier, she really didn’t deserve all that attention.

I said it and I’ll repeat it: mainstream Kenyan media is full of mediocre gossip-mongers masquerading as journalists. They are content to keep feeding us the same staple of stale news of politics, socialites and other such nonsense in the guise of ‘we asked for it’


NKTEST, just saw that clip hapo juuu and am happy I don’t have an ariel bado ama ningeona huu ufala nikasirike wiki mzima

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Maybe we should blame it on the team of producers because I believe Churchill does not make such decisions alone. This is Kenya and anything is possible. Corruption extends beyond the public service. I have severally observed car reviewers in out dailies featuring unknown brands under the influence of “tea”.

…habari ya biashara…sorry, sorry ministry lol:D

mimi ni wa mbegu, wakutupeleka mbinguni watupeleke, wakutuambia tuokoke watwambie…:frowning:


The media is on a downward spiral and they will have to work hard to remedy themselves. There was an interview Mandondo conducted involving Babu Owino and another SONU aspirant. It had to be stopped due to petty insults between the two. It was so shameful because had it continued, those two guys wangepigana on live TV. :frowning:

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:smiley: :smiley:

Can anyone of you who are whining about kenyan media being low quality list places on this earth where people consume media that focuses on real issues. Which ONE place? People are like that. What do you think local mamas will watch before harpic is flashed before their eyes? the CBK governor elaborating fiscal policies? What do you think your mushene loving girlfriend will watch before some galaxy is shown for you to buy? And what do you think most jamaaz will watch before some condoms are advertised(when we buy condoms we just say the brand name).

People dont really focus on their real needs, and thats why the world(everywhere) is the way it is.

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Cut the crap all ye pretenders. Kwani NTV the only tv station? And are you forced to view it? No one will talk when the tv stations maje meaningful interviews but you will quickly get your pitch forks and pangas when they get socialites.

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@Deorro and @Ingia you are missing the point.