this just crept me out

sema usingizi kutoweka na mtu kuwakisha taa zote kwa nyumba…,what is it about creepy things anyway.?? know very well you will have a sleepless night or even probably have nightmares about something yet you go ahead and watch it to the end like most of you here will do

what the fuuuucccckkk

picha yako

Nothing creepy there. Have you not seen a dead body in your life? I have dressed one.


Parapanda inalia parapanda…

you have worked at a morgue? ama ni kudara tu mwili ulitaka??

iyo ya footballers dying…

Went to pick the body of a relative in some mortuary, the attendant asked for one person to help him dress the body, everybody else freaked out. I had no choice.


footballers dying was just heartbreaking

apo sasa ningeongeza tu pesa kama ni mimi

I had to ingia city mortuary last month to identify a body…the things I saw bwana!! :frowning: My subconscious has had to bury them deep deep in the recesses of my mind…huko in the area used for regulating things like toenail growth!

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Why we should be grateful to the Almighty for the gift of life.

o_Oo_Oo_O…don’t think I can hack the dressing part

Morgues just humbles one self conscious…you realize you are not that more special than a corpse

Waah! Muchamaa na hii ulifanya kichwa ikiwa safi ama ulikunyua ka jamison hivi

Actually before I went in I asked for 20 minutes, ran to some liquor store and gulped down a 1/4 Gilbeys.

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My wife’s cousin passed away coz of this tuu elicit brews akiwa kwa nyumba,coz i had a pick-up, nikaitwa nimpeleke morgue. kumuinua tuu hivi akaanza kutuo Some reddish fluid kwa mdomo,tulimwachilia hapo hapo. It took some intervention from wazee wa mtaa to proceed. Kufika morgue tukapata mtu akiwa juu ya meza amepasuliwa, matumbo yote nje… I have never puked like i did hio day. That place is No Joke.