This is where we have reached. Everything is now political.


Kisumu MCAs have rejected proposals to lower the cost of birth control, arguing that this will prevent the region from acquiring the desired numbers for political advantage.

The members argued that reducing the fees charged for vasectomy would encourage men to go for the procedure, thereby, denying them a chance to sire more children.

This, they said, would slow down population growth in their county, a disadvantage to them politically.

Vasectomy is considered a permanent method of birth control in men.


The MCAs also rejected proposals to reduce the cost of tubal ligation which is a surgical procedure for women.

The topic came up during a discussion on the 2017 Kisumu County Finance Bill which was passed last Thursday.

The public, during the participation forums on the bill, had proposed reduction of charges.

According to the proposed law, those intending to go for tubal ligation and vasectomy at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital will have to part with Sh1,500.

There’s page 2 of that story but I won’t go further than this.
People don’t understand that the more you are, the lesser the quality of life.
Unless you have more resources than population, which then either way still needs to be well managed.
It’ll reach a point - if it hasn’t already, that you’re no longer mtoto wa mtu but kura ya nanii.

Boss it has been kura ya nani since time immemorial. Why do you think the colonials denied the African their voting rights?

This obsession with leadership is fundamentally destructive to our country. Coupled with the monumental increases they gave themselves starting 2010, political leadership has become an end in itself. People don’t aspire to lead, they aspire to get positions into from which to enrich themselves. And they want to get there by any means necessary, even in if means siring kids they cannot possibly feed or educate.

The beauty of devolution is that they will have to plan for the population on their own. Public policy is no child’s play like putting a check mark beside a tin god or a muthamaki.

they are leaving anyway,they already have a flag

Hear hear! Presidential elections are won and lost YEARS before the actual ballot.

I agree with @Amused That populations are controlled more by external factors than what is done in the bedroom… Case example that is explained by why China and India got huge populations was due to the extensive huge available arable land.

I have always wondered why, while many Kenyan communities populations have exploded forcing them to expand into other communities Lands, the boisterous lakeside community have stagnated in the same region the colonialists found them.

One other thing they fail to take into account is that there is very high infant mortality among the lower income class. When there is no family planning, there’s a propensity to bear children one cannot afford to feed and take care of, and hence death, malnutrition and a life of crime result. Neglected children are also more apt to get into a life of crime. So rather than increase the population, society gets stuck in a cycle of poverty, disease and crime from which it cannot extricate itself.

Family planning and policies that address it are not a matter of choice but of necessity.

wachaneni na sisi

Enyewe, there are some things you can do nothing to help. Especially if someone has a bush in his head!

We have to go for a federal state system.This has become a joke now.

Fees za kutahiri walitaja?