This is what modern women and feminists have been trying to push all along

This is what feminists, modern women had been wanting all along:


That’s just one of them…if you could get inside the minds of these feminists and modern women you would unravel losts of selfish interests disguised in the name of support etc, like Dr. Dre recently fell victim

Feminism is worse than Satanism

The order of the world is God,man,woman then children.

Children are even motivated to obey and get a reward of long life.

No way women are going to share a man’s position,they better accept and do all that partains to their position.

These women are young. They should look at their older counterparts crying online how they are lonely and depressed because facing the wall is a ruthless reality check that feminism didn’t prepare them for.

Next time you bring a girl over show her the washing machine, dryer and dish washer.

Female dating strategy huko Reddit ni ya ma-ngoko wako deluded ka nansense
Broads who pretty much consider themselves the prize to be paid top dollar for and yet offer nothing in return

Si afadhali nikae solo basi

But they were taught by satan himuselufu…
In any case, they have never released minutes of their deliberations with satan…
The very first meeting of satan and mankind…

If you consider the Jewish book of stories to be true that is

Reddit imejaa bottom of the barrel deluded bitches. The wall will prove them wrong. Atakuwa anafanya chores bila kuambiwa na mtu.

Children,what are you getting yourselves into? Maybe MGTOW wanajua kitu hamjui…besides kukulana wanaume kwa wanaume

They talked to the devil himuselfu.

These women are thrown out of order

a womans place is in the kitchen

They will be flocking to Prophet Owuor and Bishop Oyedepo to get divine intervention when the clock hits 30. Saa hiyo ndio unapewa kuma spread eagle mpaka unashangaa the fuck?

Ghasia hii ume sahau wapi.

Exactly, tafuta Female Dating Strategy pale Reddit, you’ll laugh your guts out. Delusional Post wall chieths who think they can game men . Alafu Nowonder Older women are usually nicer coz who wants them anyway.

its the modern cult…

haidhuru…wacha tuone ataendelea na hio perspective for how long…

if human beings treated each others not as anything else but as they would like to be treated… All gender movements wouldn’t be a thing