This is what happens when a man doesn't provide


Asking for a friend…Please dont judge coz hauelwi someones situation, kama uko chini financially vibaya sana and not paid rent since May. Una daiwa everywhere and shule zimefungyliwa next week. Now hubbys best friend wants to help lakini anaitisha one weekend out…I have already convinced hubby that this coming weekend nimeitiwa outside catering na amekubali. Tumepimwa this morning and everything ni shwari. Haki what do you think…Kumbuka hubby hajafanya job since 2018 and I also lost my job Jan this year.

Huyu naye ni mjinga kurukia. How will she explain to the hubby how she now has money after a w/e away? and what is outside catering?

Some of these posts are written by men.

I wouldn’t put it past you to learn that you are the author

Ah I see you’ve been watching me.

Wacha ufala. Hujui outside catering ni nini buda na uko hapa kwa mNeti? GOOGLE!!!

Anafaa kuoshwa mecho. Fanya mambo mkuu

I was just wondering aloud if this is a code name for something else!!!. Nothing to get u feeling smart.

Baaas …keep watch…