This is very wrong Nakumatt

Hata kama mnakataa kulipa your suppliers and bankers, why avoid paying life insurance for former employee??? Very unethical.


Fucked up thuggery.

Very inhumane people

Wah. This is a new low.

you kill a man because you owe him thats fucked up

They deserve being liquidated. I wouldn’t shop there knowing that they stole from a widow.

Sasa wewe?? They owed him because he was killed. Not the other way round. What came first, the egg or the chicken?

kwani nimesema nini?

its the other way round. They owe the man because he was killed.

ooh sawa my mistake

This bad.

absolutely shocking

This shows Nakumatt is owned by a bunch of psychopaths:how does someone sleep at night knowing the amount of evil he has committed against several people.

Just pathetic, ifungwe haraka.

It is sad…but maybe this is the cash stolen by the nakumatt accountants…what happened to that case by the way?

Hio 30m najua walilipa suppliers nayo

Alafu wako mahali wanajiuliza mbona hizi mashida zote wanapitia haziishi.

That Karanja Boy Was very young, he saved their asses na hawakuona. Wacha ifungwe, kuma kabisa

very low of nakumatt

waaaaahh indian are thieves

Hii kampuni ata mimi nilisema ifungwe haraka, there are many more ethical and professionally run supermarket chains that can fill that gap. Lots of shady dealings there. Na ukienda kwa social media pages zao uone vile “small mwananchi” anapost positive messages (“I pray for you Nakumatt…I know you’ll bounce back…this is just a test, you’ll surely pass and emerge stronger…bla bla bla”)…mimi huangalia tu najiambia “small mwananchi, shinda tu hapo”.