This is so wrong....!

[ATTACH=full]5483[/ATTACH] What kind of Kenyan men do we have nowadays? Hen pecked sissies. The chic is downing Tuskers like they are running out of stock while the guy holds the kid and sips on a Fanta.

hehe lakini weka misha vizuri full image

Hiyo Sijui kuweka na phone tell monkey to magnify.

If I sit in a bar with my alcohol imbibing friends while sipping a soda will I be considered a sissy?

Freedom bruh, akimuoa alijua alivyo

Your friends? That’s perfectly ok, girlfriend, wife, MWK, while clutching onto the kid? No that isn’t.

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Maybe he is the designated driver



Real Men blah blah blah

Real Men blah blah blah

Real Men do blah blah blah

That dude is a clever one. He will probably by the chick 4 bottles, she gets high n voilà! She drops her guard. He looks for a room, malizia yeye and disappears to look for another one. Most guys who don’t take alcohol are serious womanizers.


nilikuwa niseme momo ni yake, pesa ya tusker na fanta ni yake, mtoto ni wake…ala…kila nyani…

Kwani ndio mtu aitwe mwanaume nilazima akunywe pombe? Na ni kutoka lini kushika mtoto wako ikawa dhambi? Na pia ujipe shughuli umeenda bar kunywa ama kupiga watu usiowajua picha?



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The pics you guys post of drunk chics exposing themselves or any other behaviour in pubs, do you usually ask for their permission , funda wewe.

Ile makosa amefanya tu ni kupeleka mtoto pub. Nothing else wrong


Kwa raha zao.

Real men dont drink and drive! Hauoni yuko na familia? Most probably he’s the designated driver.
Wakifika home juu ya nyege za phobe ni HKM!

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I wouldnt even notice people like these. It seems to be a normal family doing their thing. Maybe thats the one time that man has held the baby in a week or two. Its also not wrong to hold your baby + drinking beer doesnt mean you are more of a man. Hiyo ni wazimu. Na labda huyo msichana ni far better than yours in terms of behaviour.

She seems to have noticed you are becoming papparazzi.


Very true story. My sister in law always says “kila mwanamume Ana uraibu wake”. If he’s not drinking, his “uraibu” might make someone not walk straight for days…

When you sit at a table with men drinking alcohol, take water, not soda

And why should he live by your standards?

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