This is so true

It is no secret that Kenyans are
very tribal and most people eat,
live and sleep politics. Below is
the sad story about Kenya by
Classic 105’s Larry Asego;
When I say Raila is wrong,
(300likes and 400comments)
His supporters tell me its not my
business leave him alone,
If I say Uhuru is wrong, (300likes
and 400commments)
His supporters say we won accept
and move on,
If I say Rudisha broke the world
record, (23likes and 16comments)
Nobody cares other than the
sports minister who sends a
representative and 12dancers to
welcome him home.
Because we are tribal, we are
hypocrites and we never learn. We
breath, eat, sleep politics and
that’s why we hate each other so
much it gives us ulcers and makes
us grow thin and hate anyone who
has a different opinion.
If Raila goes to Central “anafanya
nini huko, mdukuzeni apeleke
referendum kwa wajaluo”
If Uhuru goes to Nyanza
“anafanya nini huko ana campaign
2017, apelekw campaign kwa
Both followed by a barrage of
disturbing terms of abuse and
tribal spat from social media
political experts who just think no
harm done, till the day we
slaughter ourselves again and the
leaders will come to your