This is not the 5th loss, nay it's the 6th.

Are we forgetting 1982??



Raila needs to STOP.
And ask himself why everyone is always overtaking him.
First Kibaki, then Uhuru, and now Ruto?
At first I thought hii story ya curse ni mumbo jumbo tupu but it’s all starting to make sense now.

Infact we had 2017(A) and 2017 B

So it’s the 7th time not counting BBI:D

The guy is a total failure

There is a big difference between STOLEN elections and DISPUTED elections … :D:D

Either way he has lost 7 times. Even with deep state resources :D:D:D

[SIZE=7]The five-times loser and first-time winners in Kenya[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]He has run for the presidency five times and lost on each occasion, saying that the elections were stolen from him.[/SIZE]

Eternal cursed loser. Akwende kabisa ghasia

hove some respect. jinga saidi.


This mzee must hold the world record of losing presidential elections :Dsad because he had his moments.