This is not only sad but funny

[SIZE=6]Flurry of excitement! Moment the Rwandan national cycling team were stopped in their tracks on US training trip – because they saw SNOW for the very first time [/SIZE]
[li]The Rwandan national cycling team had been on a training camp to Utah in the U.S. when they saw a snowy deposit[/li][li]Unable to contain their excitement, the riders immediately jumped off their bikes so they could play in the snow[/li][li]Cyclists were seen repeatedly plunging their hands into the snow and even trying to stuff it in their pockets [/li][li]A team spokeswoman explained it was the first time that any of the members had seen real-life snow [/li][/ul]

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hehehehehehe, tiga wana
eti what! are you serious old monk?

This is an exaggerated story. They were obviously trying to cool off…See the water bottles in the snow??? I also do major cycling and that’s the feeling one gets everytime you come across a river or some cold water

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It’s the same way Mr Smith will be fascinated when he sees stuff he has never seen in his home country… Nothing wrong with that… There’s always a first time in everything. I was 22 when I first saw snow and TBH I was like that white teenage girl who have just met Harry from One Direction.

Another possibility too.

nice bike you have there, it must have set you back a couple of bucks. hope you are ridding hard as it should. in a week you are supposed to clock 100 kms

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Looks fabricated… Mbona hakuna snow in the other places? … First time yangu kukanyaga escalator nilisoma watu for ten mins vile wanakanyaga na kutoka before nipande

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Hata mimi nikiona nitakula

@ol monk That one cost me just under 40K. Thanks @Meria Mata

where did you buy it?

Nairobi Sports House…In westlands and yaya center, it actually goes for around 60K

old monk una maswali nyingi sana,
yes you can have your bike insured and you can also install a tracker much like you do in a car.
This bike here owned by one David Kinjah is worth over 450k

for your info, bike pia hua na speedometer to help you to work out properly as in when you are riding on an open road you make sure that your speed doesnt go below 30km/hr

hehehe, kutembea kuingi kuona mengi buda.
guess huku ni wapi?

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:eek: Eti 450k kwani iko na jet engine.

hii ni barabara gani?
by the way,kila mtu hukula snow the first time they see it and its just like the one you have in your fridge,ni maji frozen tu.
hiyo snow has not defrozen juu iko under the shade of the trees,sometimes it may take weeks.

Baiskeli 60k! Hapo mimi siko.

450k for a bike? .Afadhali ninunue probox

Wooooih!! 450k sasa, Alafu?