This Is NOT Jesus

This Is NOT Jesus

This is one of the most CLASSIC Sermons ever given! Every single African needs to wash their mind with this daily until it become their full blown REALITY

nice content, am a bit extreme though. I’d rather learn about The Shango Orishas, Santeria, Vodun… than waste my time on that jewboy jesus

Her vocabulary is hilarious though

Jesus was not a white man how many times will I say that


Why don’t we focus less on what he looks like and more on his message?


Habari purple

Because what he looks like IS part of the message

Hapa umeshika @Purple saidi moja mbaya sana

Because he comes like a package…what he looks like is part of the message

Yea why not depict him as a gorilla, a fat bottomed baboon, or an orangutan? …we are primates any way… Ahem… What He looks like is very much an integral part of the messaging.

When your God and your Saviour looks like your master and enslaver you become the principal agent in your destruction. Yosef A A ben Jochannan

I used to say Jesus was not white years ago kabla muchanuke, watu walikua wananiangalia ni kama mi ni Antichrist. Image/art is very crucial in their propaganda. White yesu is the pinnacle of white supremacy in its purest form.