This is Nature Giving you Clues About Your Potential Partner

Mwanaume kamili ni kugonga fote unachukua kitu smart unakamua sawa sawa. Sio kung’ang’ana ma makunguru kila mahali. After all, ni wapi kwa Neno ikasema “Thy name is Adam, take Sh*t from your Eve, I so command” Acheni scarcity mentality wadau

Rink>> (( ))


Men are gods.

37, doing HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) 5 days a week. Am actually fitter than I was in my 20s…now considering boosting my skill (industrial engineering) by self teaching python programming or maybe Computer Aided Design…hizo 40s zikuje

Yeah, basically

But swali langu ni, why do women live much longer than men?

Nagging and gas lighting behavior ya khupipi,mabachelor Kama baba giddy bado wako strong

children and family haikustress huwasaidia na a sense of responsibility towards them. life for women is about their kids. ndume ni solitary creatures. if ur not reproducing/procreating any more kazi kwisha.