this is madness XENOPHOBIA

That is sick, msiclick. Very disturbing.

i fyou dont have a strong body will DONT click for real i second you.

Same thing happened in Kenya 2007-2008.

stupid niggas I feel so angry right now

nimeshindwa kuangalia…

I saw a kid being burnt I guess apartheid was good for these monkeys

All these because of a a king who lives a life full of luxury and his subjects very poor ati south africans dont open businesses in foreign lands isn’t nandos south african?

South Africans are a mess. They’re killing the people who look like them for no other reason than because they’re successful.

i was to drive to nyeri this afternoon just posponed the journey, my moods shrunk to zero after watching

Mothers and children too were burnt alive in a church in Eldoret what do you have to say about that?

Same happened here massive killings and dectruction of property in Eldoret.


someone tell me that this is just acting. this cant be true its beyond inhuman

mbona hizi kunyi were allowed to host World Cup?

ooooh nooooo holy Mary Mother of Jesus…

si mtu a explain hapa in words whats happening in that video…nimesoma hizo comments nikaogopa kuclick

Ni video uko S.Afrika, wanachoma raia juu si wa ma south…manze usitake ona hio video ni sad tuu sana


asante hizo nugu za sa ndio maana zilikuwa zinateswa na wabeberu