This Is Made In Nigeria By The Nigerian Army

This Is Made In Nigeria By The Nigerian Army

Quite impressive. They’ve refused to be inferior bonobos.

The Kenya Defense force has an enormous budget, which should enable them to venture in research and development.
Most cutting edge technology, goods and services in the US come from the Military and organizations like NASA.

Kuja useme congratulations Nigeria @sani

I read about Iran when it maintained ties with US. They couldn’t be allowed to service or make anything. Fly in engineers from US or fly out the parts. Thts where we are. How will we make anything. Ethiopia is ahead of us in that sector

Iran is actually a very advanced country unlike other Arab states. They allow education for both genders and their education system is actually impressive even though it is state controlled. Walking around Tehran you are bound to bump into several professors, male or female. Shida ni uanze ku-criticize serikali.

Iran is not an arab state, it is persian state

Good thing, not to pour cold water on their innovation, however just to add this, we were in Kaduna last year, the military officers cannot dare drive from the capital city Abuja state to Kaduna(a distance of about 2hrs30mins)due to road bandits. They have a serious insecurity issue, ‘kidnappers’ who reign terror at will. We used their newly built SGR train due to the security concern, as advised by our handlers.

They have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Any accomplished fabricator can achieve better results at 1% the budget used. No serious fabricator uses stick welding on vehicles in the 21st century, not even hobbyists. And those lathes must be at least 100 years old in terms of technology at a time when one can get a modern lathe for as little as 1 million bob. This is what happens when decision-makers earn their positions through crooked means. They are too afraid to admit that they do not know.

they’re still a shit country divided along superficial ethnic and religious lines and a penchant for corruption that seems inborn.