This is Kenya,there must be a way.

I am still looking for somebody who can make my name disappear from the CRB database.

Dawa ya deni ni kulipa, sio kutafuta jamaa akutoe kwa database.


na mimi natafuta mtu wa kuclear my HELB database

My story is different, I already repaid the loan in full but my former employer never used to remit the recoveries and then the company went under.

Hata mimi niko clear loan ya k.c.b wayback 2006 through checkoff system na payslip yangu akawa clean lakini last year nikitafuta loan watu wa c.r.b wanasema ati niko na loan

How Much?

Imagine yangu 268k. Hiyo pesa ni mingi.

Huyo employer ni M-wagwan

Tafuta huyo employer kwanza…happen to get him ,then we can help you. ??

It was some sacco.

iba gari ya neiba upige bei usafishe loan

None of my neighbors has a car. I stay in Mukuru for heavens sake.

tafuta ya mtu… kwa bar ni rahisi kuba gari kwa parking

Can you sue your former employer if you have proof that you paid?

Wapi wakili wa kijiji asaidie?

sell your kidney

I totally agree with Davidee. Mundu Mulosi and Fishmonger should make a plan on how to repay their loans. Get a payment plan for what you can afford per month or whatever any other basis that may be used. That loan you don’t want to pay now will cost you much more later life(not only in monetary terms but in other areas 2).Trust me on this…you will lose much more than what you owe.

Yes, as long there is the paper trail and evidence showing the loan deductions/payments from your gross pay before receiving your net pay. Do you still have your pay slips for that time period?

How do you repay a loan twice? @Mundu Mulosi paid but the money did not reach the intended person. So you’re saying he should pay again?

Holla at me…got wide connections around the sectors. #serious mofo only

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mimi nimekua self employed for the past kitu 15 yrs sasa kra wanataka niwalipe income tax for that period…noma