This is how I used to run my con game

I’ve been into some shoddy kind of jobs since… mwanaume lzm amake ends meet bt I always rmember somethng my dad told me after i was thru with colle katika ile hali ya “kazi ya kutafuta kazi”. He told me, be thoughtful in whatever u do ata kama ni kuiba iba na adabu…
…sorry I didn’t get tht fancy campus degree bt I don’t blame anyone or anything,that’s just how nature dictated my life…so don’t blame or judge me…
So back in 2013 nlikua mtaani, hustle ni kuunda ma laptop kubroke masimu pia malapi…en I was based in a estate tht was much frequented by campus/colle students na unajua vyenye hawa watu hupenda kurave na pesa hawana…so me en my buddy (one of campus student) came up with a con game tht we used to our advantage…

He’s the social kind of guy he can approach any kind of woman/man strike up a conversation without making it uncomfortable or somethhing. so alikua anaenda esp kwa mafresha…u see this rich kids wamekua wamekaliwa na wazazi all the way frm teenage hood en now they have just joined campus en they feel free frm parents they feel they’ve made it thru now the world is theirs…
Imefika wknd sasa na wanataka the experience they have been longing for…kuenda rave dance all nite pickup a lady en do her by the urinals (since they share hostels)… bla bla bla en shiet…
Now my buddy comes in as a music promoter anawaambia I have a guy of mine who is a DJ he usually hire laptops over the wknd for gigs for 1k per nite that’s 2k for Sat en Sun en he returns them on Monday morng but the payment is done upfront, no changes will be done to ua PC ull get it back as it is since he uses his own external HDD… . …
OK so napigiwa simu en I arrange an immediate meeting(ofcorse to make the deal appear real) …now am the BOSS (en I sure do look like I own syokimau bt no kitambi)
So the meeting was alwys in a public place like malls where there are a lot of ppl moving up en down (worked to our advantage) we had some fake bisness cards I present it to my client
I even order him some lunch like pizza yaani something that’s doesn’t make me come out as cheap or something…my guy does the introduction we even do some agreement on papers ( ofcorse I use fake fon no…) Am then given a clean core i3 machine or even core i5 for 2k plus lunch ya pizza…I keep in touch over the wknd bt Monday ikifika…ahhaaaa!!! simu mteja !!! If they confront my guy he plays dump ,he goes like “. I only knw tht guy frm internet but he’s for real am sure he’s stuck somewhere he will come up…maybe alipoteza simu over the wknd u knw how busy these guys are esp over the wknd…”

En so the story continues inaenda ivo hadi inabaki it seems tht DJ guy is phony I think he fucked us up… So my only help is i
give u 1k coz am the one who introduced u to this guy bt in the mean time I’ll keep searching for him najua ntampata since he’s a clubin guy…
Na sa stori inaisha ivo …so I end up with a laptop worth of 20k to 30k(street mrkt) en i just spent like 4k …,
Whhhhaaattt!!! Am a boss
My guy namchapa like 5k or 6k according to bei na condition ya mashin en thts just in 1 wknd na maisha inasonga
MY ENDS JUST MET nimelipa rent
Maisha ya Easlandoz…

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Im sure everybody has to eat and the system is hard…but do you know how it feels to get conned? Id never do such a thing to anybody…this is where true character comes to the test…id rather sleep hungry than kugonga mtu…and ive slept hungry on some occasions.


Another reason why our country is still called third world country…


Yah am proud…

So how worried / wary should I be by being around you now?
Umebadilika ama sasa ndio kwisha kabisa?

Karma will catch up with u and fuck u up

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Survival of the smartest

Did you continue staying in the same estate ama u conned people from other estates? cz ukiishi the same place am sure wangekupata tu

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how many did you snatch?
this is a stupid and very cheap con.
you need to up your game.
as the international dick sampler said hii ni aibu even to third world countries


Hii style yako ni rahisi sana kuwekewa trap. Before you know it mob justice pap and you are no more. Usitake kujua mob justice ya students vile huwa.

@klevgit yes I transformed

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Vile carbon amesea hapo juu…na hao jamaa waliingia colle aje na huo ujinga wote…if u can afford to rent a laptop for 2k a weekend is it not cheaper to buy one say by instalments…hii ni hekaya…sema unapanga kujaribu hii “con”



to a better con ama? coz your story doesn’t add up sidhani no sane adult can be conned na hiyo style yenu?

@Carbon I didn’t do it to impress first world country this is Africa dude en becoz I changed dosent make Kenya first world country
En ofcorse they are some details iv left out bt I was good at my game… na hio biashara ya kubroke huezi toboa bila some security backup I knew exactly who to call siezi lala njaa na mafala wachekesha pesa I use my brain sio nguvu

@Dearro I don’t mean to flaunt but usijione uko juu coz I also get conned en lst yr dec.I was 4inches frm connin u…yah u…

haya hehehe

Kwenda ulete hizo details you left out ndo tujue how good you were at your game, otherwise hio yote ni HEKAYA

Kush kanono kwani umekua FBI unataka details ndio unitafute au…ama u were amoung my victims