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A man has petitioned the National Assembly to remove the word ‘Harambee’ from Kenya’s Coat of Arms, claiming it is a ‘bad omen’.

Charles Koinange Mangua claimed he had received a revelation from God that tragedy could befall the country if the word, one of the country’s most famous clarion calls, is not removed and replaced with ‘Kenya’.

The petitioner claimed that God was not happy with the continued use of the word, and that Parliament should urgently review its usage.

Alete efidens ya Sir God talking to him…an audio will do. next.

hutaki video?
Charles Mangua is the author of “son of woman”
sijui kaa ndiye huyu amechizi

Christians never cease to surprise especially African ones only thing Africans took from the white man and outdid them

What became of the case of the man who sued Israel for killing Jesus?

Do you mean Charles Njagua? Coz the guy is in police custody right now.

rudi grade 3 ili upate certificate in November

Sometimes a democracy can lead to alot of useless endeavours

Charles Mangua was a published author tukiwa vipii.

millenials wako na chida na sio ya pesa

wakitaka ku-quote kitu huwa wana-quote game of thrones au vikings ni kama ni kitu ili-happen.

i shudder when i think of them as our future leaders

I think the word Harambee should be removed.

WHY, ama wewe pia umeongea na Sir God

Don’t think, just place your facts and they’ll be argued out.

Kweli. Kuna time hapa jamaa aliquote Batman

Kama Weta is free with stolen gold audio clip ,who will believe this man ?


Sihami Kenya :smiley:

:D:D:Dni wajinga sana:eek::eek: