This is Guka - Somebody Explain This to Me Like a Six-Year Old..................

Both men and women are equal. In fact, if you listen to feminazis, women are more equal than men. What a boy can do a girl can do better, they say.


So a man and a woman have sex and the woman conceives. This is natural. Although they are not married, they both now have a kid.

This is where I start not to understand things.

Two adults had consensual sex and a kid was born. Both should take equal responsibility for the fruits of their romp, I should think.

But no, the woman goes to court and asks for everything under the sun like money for rent, food, healthcare, education, holidays, whatever.

Why should a man pay rent for another adult just because he had sex with her once? Why should he feed another adult (and her other kids!!!) who is as equal as him for 18 years? Why pay for the woman’s expenses - BASED MIND YOU NOT ON HER ECONOMIC STATUS BUT ON THE MAN’S!!! - for the rest of his life? Aren’t women and men equal?


Somebody please explain sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly…

She carried the baby for 9 months and endured painful labour pains while father Ni kumwaga then story inaishia hapo

The case is always framed notion that kids have fundamental rights. The provisions are intended to cater for the well being of the child. To do so, the kid requires shelter, food, clothing and other basic necessities which should be provided by the most capable parent.

If you feel like the is unfair treatment then you can fight for custody (you’ll most likely lose because the court favours womenin such cases).


Honour your duty and take care of your baby momma. :smiley:

Navyseal Nimeland land

You should be explaining to us this shit, not asking us.

Problem solver.

He he he he he he he! I guess. Umefanya nicheke sana son…

Mzae umetombwa mkundu leo ghassia

Hapana. Nimeshinda nikitomba mamako…

Gender equality is a myth. The phrase is appealing when it comes to equality for opportunities, however, when it comes to equality on the responsibilities front all of a sudden you will be reminded you are a man and there are “traditional roles” for both genders.


Tomba mama yako Malaya mkundu umbwaaaa

Wazee mheshimiane kuna nvs hawajalala bado.

I feel your pain…:slight_smile: that why wanaitwa women… you will never understand them

I knew you are slow, didn’t now you’re stupid too.

MEN are never equal to WOMEN. The faster you accept that, the better. Even our own systems treat men differently from women, that tells you alot. Our correctional facilities are full of men locked up not women and if so, they are deemed to be mentally unstable. Hii upus ya women empowerment for equality is a myth!