This is Guka - Prophets Are Never Recognised at Home.................

I, FMCP, owe no allegiance to local or foreign gods, and only trust the abilities of my own intellect and the unseen guiding hands of the spirits of my Gikuyu ancenstors. Thaaaaaaai!


Kenya’s national political environment will see major re-alignments with old alliances being broken and new ones being built. These re-alignments will revolve around four people – President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka. A new super-political party to rival Jubilee will be registered. The current Cabinet will be dismissed. Two governors will die in office, and one will cease holding office due to legal reasons.

If the ‘prediction’ had been made on December 24, 2017, before the emerging faultlines had already drawn themselves.

What happens if another governor or two die or get indicted? Such events require no prediction except by the likes of Kanyari, Joshua, Nga’ng’a, Owuor and other self-crowned prophets.

That prediction is so vague and was bound to happen or come close… Just like you can guess the correct answer from a ABCD choices without really knowing it…

Weka tu paybill uache sideshows…we know how this ends.

Weka till number umumunye keg ya mia moja

Muzee ukienda kamiti utakuwa conman per excellence.

It’s Rutos miscalculation. How could he believe Jubilee would exist. I said this before. There’s has never been the same party force since multipartysm. But it remains a 2 man race. It’s getting more clear that Ruto will have to win without the Kikuyu vote.

What did we agree on using idioms you do not understand?

[SIZE=5]par excellence[/SIZE]
[li]adj.[/li]Being the best or truest of a kind; quintessential.
[li]n.[/li]By virtue of manifest superiority; by the highest right, claim, or qualification; preëminently.
[li]adj.[/li]Being the best of its kind.

Hauna pesa ya white cup


Upuss. By June 2018, one could tell Uhuru has joined Tinga to sideline Ruto.

Hehe… hii muzee anapredict things when its glaringly obvious whats going to happen. Like that time alisema Bashir will be overthrown after the army had already entered the political arena and begun issuing statements. Sasa anamake prediction after Handshake and after kenyarras mboys have already begun throwing political mud in Samoei’s direction?

Ata mimi naweza predict atakunywa whitekap by sunday. Naweza predict that though he has not announced, Amollo will be on the ballot 2022. Naweza predict Museveni and Putin will rule for life.

Hii jamaa ni false prophet.

Dude, you were up at 2:20 to correct grammar on ktalk like the site was being wound up before morning?

hapo pa wakikuyu umenoa, Labda kutokee clashes rift valley but kwa Sasa majority wako nyuma ya uncle ruto

Wewe you are dreaming. Kyuks have Never voted for an outsider. Even in Mois time with a gun to their heads. Why do you think he was kicking them out of RV every election cycle? But I will wait for a world record.
PS: When Ruto and Uhuru linked up, and were trying to decide who to run, do you remember Uhuru asking Ruto:" Mimi I will support you, but will my people do the same?". What was he alluding to?

Yes, I was. And you were there fucking language on behalf of the sleep-in Kendemosi…:smiley:

Sad…jibaba ya 60yrs ako idle hivi

this was a very telling statement