This is Guka - Prizes for Revealing Who The Corrupt Supreme Court Judge Is

ODPP has gotten the greenlight from President Uhuru Kenyatta to arrest a Supreme Court judge. Who do you think it is?

[SIZE=1](PS: Know-it-alls should not ask why the ODPP has to get the greenlight from SH. That’s standard for all high-profie arrests which are likely to attract political/international attention)[/SIZE]

OK, let me see who’ll get it first.

Smokin Wanjala…his name is literally a smoking gun…hehehe

Mlevi Lenao…lala sasa.

Le…la looks dodgy

[SIZE=1]Leta leakage bana.[/SIZE]

Should He( or she be in office) going to a judge of a lower court?

Whoever it is…he/she will spill some beans after the arrest and play the victim card.

Kama hutaki kusema si ungenyamaza. Ngómbe.

Wangeanzia na tunoi

Ule mungich wa interesting times ahead alienda wapi…

Forrowing for Kid…ero!

Deputy CJ most likely since I don’t see them going for the actual thief, the CJ himself. Almost all judiciary projects have seized or stalled despite all been fully paid for. Then the CJ has delayed swearing in the new members of JSC since with a full quorum he and others can be discussed, investigated, removed and replaced.

Suzy or Philo. :smiley:

I can confirm that it is NOT the CJ.

Twambie basi, funda

Smokin shida yake is that yeye ni fisi and he drinks too much. He leaves his bodyguards to go out alone. How many times did senior cops save him from alcoblow and dramas with young girls. That said he is a very nice person that’s why he is helped along.

Ni mgani alirushwa pesa na driver wake recently ama he wasn’t a Supreme Court judge?

Hao matapaka wote washikwe ispokuwa Njoki Ndung’u na Marasa…i mean Makanga aka Mahaga.

Out of the seven umesema sio Maraga ama Mwilu. I also do not think Njoki and Ojwang wako kwa list. Sasa suspect ni mmoja wa hao wamebaki.

I don’t think it’s the current crop, most probably ni yule alihongwa na kidero, Justice Phillip Tonui. Knowing the media’s love for sensationalism, they’ve probably exaggerated this to attract uproar.