This is Guka - Modern Green Today

I visited the brothel today; I was around those sides and decided to do a ‘wazee hukumbuka’.

Mr Gikonyo still keeps the place pretty clean. Service is good, with a WhiteKAP at 220/=.

As for the hoes (which is why 99.9872417% of you are reading this post) my all favourite tablemate Madam Wangari was missing in action. I heard she’s constructing something, and she bought herself a car. I just love her braggadocio and conversation. One time, drunk, she showed me a clip where they were having a lesbian show with another fatso. Hata nilibao - it was erotic.

The Kambas veterans are still there - 10 years later, including the dark fat one who keeps getting married on and off. Bitch once called me a dog before realising I was connected. Offered me her pussy in apology and I just smiled. No thanks, sewer, I love myself. I think the dicks that have ferked the bitch and her Kao crew could extend beyond the solar system, end-to-end.

I don’t know whether I imagined it, but the hoes today basically looked beat down. It seems uchumi ni mbaya. But kulikuwa na kengine just over 18…lakini kalikuwa kanakaa kama hakajui kuosha kuma. These things are important.

As for the Johns who were walking in and out, it never ceases to amaze me that a REAL man can have an erection with a woman who has been ferked the whole day by manambas, watchmen, chokoras, Luhyas, whatever. I don’t care how fly she looks, a rubbish bin is a rubbish bin. And a woman who gets ferked for two/three dollars each 15 minutes by the lowest of Nairobi is, well, as good as a urinal - and just as clean.

Moral of the story? Go ferk yourself, there’s no moral of the story shit. I just sat through four hours of baboon HIV transmission shit, and came out at the end a little high…on WhiteKAP and thighsights.

Wacha kumwagia watu uji!:D:D:D

Bora kumwaga whether ni kwa dustbin or anywhere. ALTHOUGH I DONT DO AFRICANS

Waiting for the comments to start trickling in.

Mzee!! we understand that there’s nothing more humiliting to any living male spices than being unable to get an erection. And It’s clear from the above that your jump-starting effort weren’t successful. Pole dugu.

Guka you are too old to be visiting brothels. Achia vijana wadogo hii tabia. You should spend the day with your grandchildren who are home for holidays counseling them.

Ara, sinimesema nilikuwa haso yangu nikaingia kusalimiana? Nikii wee?


You should now check yourself sir,you are disgusting, I understand racist and I admire their ignorance but you are stupid.Nothing personal,no hard feelings, no matter how “better” you think you are we all die ain’t it;)

He he he he! My little mind games work like clockwork, don’t they?

Guka, you reminded me of a story about an old man from the tea growing lands of Murang’a.
After getting his bonus akaamua even an old cats drinks milk na akaingia in one joint like modern green with the bonus money we’ll stuffed in the inner pocket of his weather beaten coundry coat.

After some few beers n loads of eye cleansing he called one yellow yellow to his side. In an effort to impress the girl, he opened his kafuti n asked the girl

“Uri wona mbeca ta ici?”

Being the whore she was, she raised her dress and asked the old man,

“Uri wona ciero ta ici”
TO cut a long story short, the old man was seen next day by the bus stop, penniless and even the kabuti gone.

Moral of the story, chunga sana, these whores are no respectors of age.

He he he he! Ukweli ni eti hata kama ni free siwezi…too much uchafu…

Umbwa ghassia takataka

You just missed a chance of reducing your probability of getting prostate cancer. The more you “mwaga” the less the probability…

Guka kumbe bado uko na nguvu pewa white kap biri

I wonder how you managed that without a paybill number…about getting it up,ama wacha tu. But at least ulisalimiana. Na Onyangowa jeshi,Hassan was muguks,Kama yule was Mat,Wambua was shoeshine et al

Heheheheeee… Guka leo umevuta bangi I swear. How do you just decide to put Luhyas in that list. Hivyo tu? Eish

2 general elections !


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D umeitag waluhya in the same category hapa. :D:D:D:D:D:D