This is Guka - Lucky Mathafaka!

@Mrs Shosho , @Mrs4thletter et al. Kujeni home we try.

jungus are just hypocrites. Polygamy is illegal there but somehow without formalising it is ok

Looks ok from outside but turmoil from inside. Imagine all the bitching and nagging he takes in.

In America, If you can start a cult, or a religious group and declare yourself a prophet, then you can even marry 100 women, provided you can feed them.

When they try it, it’s OK, when others who’ve been at it for ages do it, its premitive and barbaric.
Nothing is right until they approve of it, they just won’t accept the outside world has been way ahead of them socially until they disrupted our systems with colonization.

Nothing more to add.

Shait! He definitely knows where it pinches. :oops::oops:

Inbreeding manenos. The same reason why singo mathas only breed singo mathas.

It has to do with the way the western legal and taxation system is designed. Family law there is meant to protect females more than males.

He is keeping it together and they seem to have little problem with the arrangement. the fact that they are cousins means nothing and that is not inbreeding.

Hehe the real alphamale eating all shapes and sizes…::D:D Achana na ktalk sissies…

Why are you trying to make me a murderer?

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