This is Guka - I Am Bamboozled

That quote at the end had me choking on my juiced githeri.

“I am not crazy, may be slightly crazy, but not entirely crazy”.

Brave girl.

Does she have a paybill omba omba namba?

OK, am going to be the first to comment on my own post.

Since she married herself, does it mean her wedding night the fingers did the talking…

Damn…how did she propose? She gave herself a finger-ring.

It’s weird, but I think she’s one tough gal…

Even @kush yule mnono had married his left palm for 3 decades


This is lean times dredgery.


Ako na mbili?

Who has her number?

You want to break someone’s marriage? That’s so heartless of you!


Yeah, this dramatic event shows she is kinda crazy. Lakini its just the start. Hawa vijana wa siku hizi are failing in their jobs. Game zao ziko down. There are a lot of desperate lonely women and a lot of jokers of young men out there. A complete mismatch.

If is a sratement to the world that if no one else out there wants her, she is ready to want herself. For most women marriage is a sign of being wanted. Going into the grave with a feeling that no one wanted her is too painful.