This is Guka - Homosexuals; A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

What does this picture tell you about these degenerates?

(Taken today at the High Court)


Guka, wheres is this homosexual obsession of yours coming from?

Btw whats the context of that pic? These guys could be looking at Babayao for all we know…

And while at it, hawa ni watoto wa nani?

(spotted at the High Court today)


The contrast of the west and east campaign in Africa.

China - infrastructure development

West - legalizing Africans bottoms recreation.

FYI what you do, how, when, instruments, pains is your own privacy and choice. I don’t know why one’s choice of sexual recreation preference needs to be legalized, talked about or glorified to others.

Leo legalize watu wa sewerage. Kesho watu wa Kawasaki. Then next the extremes who sleep with their pets will also surface. Keep your bedmintons to yourselves.

Guka ukipewa threesome na hao malezi si utafracture deki?

whatever people do in their bedrooms is upto them. who are you as a third party? if they want to ferk animals so be it as long as they dont force it on tv and social programs . ION wacha watu wanikushe kitunguu ya donors money

Mzungu bringing their shit to afrika

@FieldMarshal CouchP homosexuality is not part of our African culture. It’s being imposed on us by nyeupe.

That you are a closet homo yourself, with all due respect to Kenya’s lgbt community

people you have to understand one thing. even if they don’t force it on tv, via courts or whatever, if you let something fester, it will grow.
nip it in the bud. what they do will definitely come to light and they might recruit those close to you.
publicity doesn’t get things moving. remember, NSIS does it’s shiet undercover, and it gets its results.



Jinga. A man that talks like a woman? It is the duty of all men as the head if their households to collectively determine the basic principles and limits of existence of a household. Your shallow thinking is what has led to people in the west to consistently sexually abuse each other and their children. As long as you are born in a human society, people have the authority to collectively determine what you cannot do.


Very true.

As we have seen even here on ktalk, people can be socialized to think that even having Aids is “cool”. To think that homosexuality will remain in the bedroom is quite narrowminded and naive.

I have seen people in affairs with perfectly beautiful women being socialized to become homos. Therein lies the problem.

Nobody is socialized into anything, those are just closet types that were raised to conform to common societal values and come to such discoveries late.

i know you to be an atheist to the core. you clearly know that in Sodom and Gomorrah these people existed? si kitu ya juzi . People like you end up having kids born homo. Let me give you a good example. Dick Cheney is a die hard republican. He beleieves in those bullshiet they beleive in republicans especially they are anti-gay rights.Dick was a total anti gay and cried like a little bitch how the gay have no rights …then guess what fucking shiet happened : his own daughter came out as gay. mary cheney
Hata ngombe and shallow headed head kama wewe its a matter of time before your grandkids follow the same shiet.

Bro… throughout history, people have been socialized.

Tutsi in Rwanda were socialized to kill Hutus. In kenya, Kalenjins were socialized during the 2007 chaos.

Hitler socialized the Germans to maliza the jews.

People can be socialized to do anything and to believe that nobody can be socialized into anything is a fallacy.

Being socialized into something is just a politically correct way of saying, ‘I wanted to do it but didn’t know how/when to’, nobody can convince you to do anything if you didn’t want to do it in the first place.

This is one of the biggest reasons why people blame others for their problems. Failure to take personal responsibility is one of the most common psychological biases in the human psyche.

don’t ever repeat this line in public.