This is Guka - Afcon Predictions - Official Thread

Let’s do this and see who has clairvoyance powers. I do.

I’ll go first.

Senegal - Tunisia: 3-2.
Nigeria -Algeria: 1-1 Full time. 3-4 penalties.

Haya, give us your predictions. Guy who gets both right gets a mzinga of Jemison collectable at Klub Kutwa, Madaraka.

Senegal will win. Nigeria will also win. Finals Senegal will win.

Arabs will carry the day

Senegal Tunisia 1:1 normal time
Nigeria Algeria 2: 1 normal time

Senegal and Algeria in the finals.

Senegal 1-0
Nigeria 0-2

Mahrez with a cracking free kick.

Predictions with figures! Serre…:D:D:D:D:D

Jesus wept. FIGURES!!!

Senegal 2 - Tunisia 0
Nigeria 0 - Algeria 0

@MANKY Ana tv banae

No figures for me

Dude, these are semis. Somebody has to win, no way match can end 0-0…

Penalties are a lottery, you want us to predict the exact penalties scored!?


ni kama kuna abnormal time?

Algeria takes the cup.

Chukua funguo za Siberia hapo juu ya kabati…priss

Does Club Kutwa still exist?, my students use to frequent that place.

Leteni update Kenya power wameamua kutuonyesha sisi ni powerless bila wao. Maumbwa.

scoreless halftime…Senegal missed two glorious chances