This is extremely unfair


That is a multi millionaire in the making, hiyo talanta inafaa ikuzwe

lol wind assised winner.
wapi weather forecaster atupatie analysis of that wind what was its speed


…wind assisted… How?
Huyu jamaa asipochunga Kenya will waste him. Kenya will always politicize everything. Aweke bidii ataomoka… Na managers wa sportmen huangukia Sana… Hii ni Pesa… Bila jasho

Sprints is a very crowded area in Azletics. It also calls for very specialized trainers and training.
You have to win it by a split second or you go into oblivion.
Though I wish him ze best, I doubt if he will go very far.

But he can make a fortune in the middle races

True. Especially 400m or 800m.

Here is where he should give it a try

Well, what time did the wind clock?

one may wonder… But it is said that tailwind increases performance by 6 seconds per mile whereas the head wind decreases by 12 seconds per mile. Question is he wasn’t running a mile but 100 meters…he deserves to be the new record holder…

have you guys considered he might be using steroids


So does Usin Bolt