This is bulshit ..shida ya Hawa watu ni nini

Hawa watu wameokotwa wapi… Imagine your Shosho cert being recalled:D:D

Kwisha Shosho sasa cert imeenda na maji:D:D

Kwanini shosho asaidie mtoto kucheat.

Wrong focus or a strategic one. Parents are rarely involved directly apart from funding. Education officials ndio the culprits

Yes parents assist kids in cheating but the parents who do it are teachers

Belio Kipsang huwa anapoteza network :smiley:

Anamaanisha shosho studies.

Isn’t that direct?

Why would right thinking parents help their own kids cheat? Belio anatubeba mafala

Facilitating…kifedha etc. I am a parent and i remember sometimes back the school approaching us tutoe kiti kidogo wapate leaked papers. Some of us said no but others were more than willing to contribute. Funny enough those willing are the ones who shout loudest about how the country has gone to the dogs.

My fren most parents push their children to cheat… I remember in high school watu walikuwa wamebuyia papers… Kwanza kuna moja ilikuwa tu copy and paste…they would rather they cheat than fail or degrade… . Tembea Kenya.

Leakage kuliformiwa groups za kutoa 5k each nikadhani watu hawawezi toa nilishtuka sana parents were willing to fund so much that we who couldn’t pay were the minority