This is a type of President Africa needs, not bla bla.

Honorable, The Best President in Africa

Salaalah! Dictator kweli.But if it’s true they have not been working.They should go back to where they came from.I am sure his employees are very afraid of him.

upussy. eti imepigwa marufuku! na nani and for what? small man speaking kwa sauti to intimidate…

Maybe wangesema it was banned from been shown in local tv stations.

He ain’t intimidating he’s doing real things, you bring him bullshit he puts you in your place. No-nonsense

Local in Kenya or Tanganyika?

That looks like bullying to me; not leading.


Nani katoa hiyo amri?

Ezekiel mutua

Huo wako sasa ndio upuzi.


Sometimes it needs to be that way, in that instance the contractor was paid everything but because its Africa he saw no hurry was needed