This is a beautiful home. Yes?
I am constantly looking at affordablead homes and just saw this one. It’s in Ruiru and not in my favorite location Kinoo. But the home is being sold for 6.5M /=
That is a lot of money but I feel it’s worth it given the home stands alone. I think it is a 3 bedrooms

good house, how is the fencing? stand alone houses are favorite targets for thugs, there was one just like that being sold in Rongai for 5 M, but the fence was non-existent

Yea security is always going to be a challenge. In the pic it shows a stone fence.

Get a Ndauwo to guard at night. Problem solved.

security is the ultimate solution to real estate…sijui piped water,electricity,tarmacked road-u can cope with all these but u cant beat insecurity

@Owuadn does not need a night guard. he is the real Ndauwo

The question is, can you buy a plot of land and build a similar home near that location for a lot less than 6.5M/=?

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I may be wrong, but I think building a three bedroom bungalow would cost you about 2.5million. Why not build instead of buying?


A friends dad was so proud to build a home after retirement from work and renting in Nairobi.The guy was shot dead in his home by thugs after only 6 months of settling at Ruiru. The home had taken years to build. I can’t move to a home in insecure location then spend sleepless nights worried about thugs and shít.


Does that 2.5M include everything? From buying a plot of land and building materials to paying fundi? We’re not talking of building in Kerugoya are we?

If you have the means and the time to monitor the progress, building your own house will be a cheaper option and a guarantee of high quality work including materials used.
The bad side of buying an already built house is that you are not guaranteed of the quality of work and materials and most of the developers cut corners to maximize on the profits. I bet you building a similar house in the same location would cost you half that amount to include buying the piece of land. ION kuishi Ruiru hio hapana


On point.

My favorite location would be Uthiru Kinoo area but the cost of a plot of land is prohibitive.
It’s sad that your friends father was hurt by mindless thugs. I hope they’re all dead

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No. Thats a very old fashioned house. I need more light, uniqueness… Do you know that you can build a classy home if you have the right contacts? For much less?

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I think so. Tena that home haina architect. Ni zile mtu hambia fundi nijengee kama Ile ya jirani. Not hating, but you need to walk around Nairobi more.

I don’t know if you guys are pulling my leg but I’ll research some more. I see homes costing much more than 6.5M and they’re not even stand alone.

these guys are not pulling your leg, find a good architect and any idea/opinion of how you would like your house to look like just sketch on paper and give to the architect to make a drawing. then find a structural engineer who will advise if your idea is buildable. you will be surprised by the good results you will get

Ndauwo, go to runda, muthaiga, karen etc and look at designs. Kama unajuana na watu, ask for the clerk of works in those sites. Befriend him, they know everything about the Mjengo. utashangaa how much less this so called posh homes cost to build compared to the selling price. They make a kill… Kesho I will get you a photo of a 4bedroom maisonette, with dsq, 3/4 acre gated compound home in ridgeways which cost 12m to build each unit and is going for not less than 55m per unit. And the house is well… . . Beautiful modern and classy. For those who know it, it’s called Almasi villas .right after castle Inn, a big gated development by hass consult

These kind of stand alone homes are the ones which thugs break in, ransack the home, find meat and alcohol in the fridge then proceed to force your wife to cook the meat for them as they enjoy your alcohol. Used to happen a lot in Ngong and Kiserian areas till folks started abandoning homes built after yours of struggle.

@Owuadn,believe it or not. this house cost 12m to complete. Almasi villas ridgeways . Look at the design, the windows, finishing. Classic… wachana na hizo design za ushago [ATTACH=full]4724[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]4725[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]4726[/ATTACH]

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