This is 90% Game 90% alpha one paragraph.

There is no more superior confidence for a man than one with the self-understanding that he will not
compromise himself for the recognized manipulations of a woman, and the fortitude to walk away knowing he has in
the past, and will in the future find a better prospect than her. This is the man who
passes the shit test. It’s called ‘enlightened self-interest’, and a principle I wholly endorse.

Take the above paragraph, print it out and stick it on your bedside. You might read it in under 10 seconds but it will take years to fully get to that mental state,
once you do, you can then claim to be alpha for this is 90% of game.

I concur 100%

This shiiieeet is fucking true!


Beta male battalion, tukae wapi…

What of the unrecognized manipulations?

Rollo Tomasi- The rationale male

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all manipulations of a woman subconsciously or unconsciously can be stopped by putting yourself in a sense of importance than her i.e you being your own mental point of origin

I think you underestimate women, it’s not a healthy attitude

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