This guy's really want to start a civil war


wewe tu sema vita hapo…nisharudi waks na nkaanza kuwashika sambu za nyama…beans ni nyama

Hahaa unajua wengine wetu tuna kaa Hizi area za kawangware, riruta na kabiria, na naskia si kuzuri

uko huko na ‘unasikia’?
stop being vague ama @this is hard ?


@Touchlyrics is this what you have been spinning ??

They have realised that a revolution cannot be felt if it doesnt affect nairobi and one other tribe apart from Samakistan.
Kamwana needs to unleash his iron fist now while parliament moves with speed to make the necessary changes in the wakora judiciary.
Unfortunate but true: Time to play dirty with the state machinery is now!

Yes Niko huku but ni unconfirmed reports. I’m in kawangware now going to check on my grandparents in satellite na niskie what word on the ground is from locals

Huyu kamwana ame ni disappoint ame sema people won’t lose lives or property but here we are now

confirm ulete report

Your post would be clearer if you had posted the translation. Someone tells me though not word for word, that the post states that when Raila went to Kawangware yesterday, he went along with youths from Mathare and Kibera who were left behind to terrorize, rob and loot from the residents at night. Sasa fafanua hayo mengine watu waelewe vizuri.

Haha. Hizi za maharagwe huuzwa jioni in most places. Im usually done with samosas by 9am.


without translation you have communicated nothing.

hii upuss ungeweka Kikuyu talk , jinga

handle ya mama clitchy huko ni gani? nataka kumu-inboks baba yake alichukua ngom’be ili aolewe na ngom’be


Guys sorry about the translation, will translate…
So from what i have gathered from friends and other people is:
In kabiria what was happening last night was that guys were revenging what happened in kawangware, so some houses were burned down, people beaten…
In satellite i dint confirm anything happened there.
Also heard again simba arati hired goons and also hired sungu sungu(dont know much about them)
As i was leaving satellite i saw a truck load of police heading to kabiria but they turned around and headed to kawangware,i suspect coz of what happened at the school where Matiangi was
Met a lady at the shop saying that people are planning to go to kibera for a revenge mission.

That is all i was able to find out but there is a lot of tension in kawangware, satellite and kabiria

'sande sana