This Guy Knows His Value

Know Your Value. Once you’re successful, you disserve top shelf pussy right from the top of the social hierarchy. This guy isn’t just some nigga, he’s a Stanford computer science graduate who runs an AI startup. He deserves the top shelf pussy, the hot daugher of one of the richest men to ever exist. Si hawa manigga washenzi kama Tiger Woods who married a lowly white mboch despite being the highest paid athlete in the world. Ama hawa niggas huoa obese white women who no white man in his right mind will even look at.

Side note, I’ve noticed that when men marry up, the kids almost always maintain that higher social status of their mum’s family. But ukiwa msee well-educated and well-bred uoe mboch, you better be sure watoi watakua ‘machokosh’, they are unlikely to rise up to your status…1680290118165.png

Who gives a shyt. Hata aowe mama mboga akitaka. You Ktalkers and your unhealthy obsession with women has gotten too much lately

It’s like you are vicariously living through these successful men and using their achievements and actions to make yourselfs feel better. “This man has done X but I wouldn’t do X. Therefore he’s a loser” STFU!

Mimi naoa dem overweight lanye chokora as an adequate middle-finger to all you redpill MGTGAY Incels


bad hole is that of a snake

Nikipata kakitu lazima ni sample Latino. Lakini naskia mehico drug cartel can skin you alive juu ya kukula wasichana Yao.

aweke mimba ama in our eyes he is just another homosexual being used by Bill gates

Coomer ni coomer msee, ile siku utakua na body count musoorii then ndo utajua. How the poosy spends determines its shelving , usidanganyike

Wacha kuwa mjinga. You love vanity and worship ladies from wealthy families.

Does she know how to please men better than kmtc students?

Mbona mnabishania kuma hamwezi pata?

I have fucked enough to be unable track my body count, what I have learnt for sure is that bottom of the barrel bitches will drive you nuts after you’ve nutted in them. They carry around trauma, they need money from you, they aren’t properly socialized, bro watakumaliza with their chokosh antics.

Come to think of it. You’re right. I used to think I’m just really good at screening madem ju siulizwangwi fare,salon etc. But could be ju most are from relatively well off families

Its their way of getting Citizenship. If you look at it, its their way of marrying upwards. You @Young Sponsor lost the plot by thinking that a financially successful black man marrying a mzungu is getting a top shelve thing. And I’m not against inter-racial marriages, most of my friends are happy with their own mixed up families. Its your perspective towards a jungu, that needs recalibration, To each their own though.

Ingia pale kaotic dot com uone violence iko Central/South America is 50 times more than Africa and Ukraine combined.

I would have taken you opinion seriously, except that nmeona kwa a certain thread that you are eating dinosaur. An Egyptian mummy. And, wait for it… you are actually proud.

Watch this first before arguing from an ignorant perspective.

A woman’s value is predicated on her beauty, youth, and femininity.

No one cares about a girl’s wealth bro.

Hata mama ya @PHARMACY charges only 50/ and talkers still flock to her doorstep.

Enough said.

To a born & bred Eastlando like @Young Sponsor, white nyaus represents hope, aspiration & achievement. Yaani tuseme we ni moja wa wale watu nilikuwa natazama growing up kwa KTN na CNN na kama naweza kuhold in my arms basi that means I belong… It means I’m knocking on heavens door…

Tiger Woods was married to an international super model who whacked him with a golf club. Because he had snatched some white meat, no media talked about the assault on Tiger but his escapades

Some kienyeji from a lower social stratum will worship the ground you walk on