This guy from Mukuru wa Zukabaga...

Marital Tourists a.k.a kutangatanga squad, yes, this is the most confused creatures in the marriage ring, most of them are just innocent girls who got married bcoz of " accidental pregnancies " ! . They jumped into marriage ring without any iota of knowledge on how marriage is conducted, they thot marriage is a bed of roses or a dynasty of kings nd queens. One outstanding character of this creatures is their lack of conflict resolution skills, yes, they don’t know how to solve conflicts in marriages or even manage their anger , a small disagreement with the hubby nd they run away, infact, this are just run away wife’s, they are paranoid nd confused with one leg in their marriage nd the atha leg in their father’s compound. This creature is also a professional thief ! yes, whenever it decides to runs away it must steal money nd household items ! this ladies comes into marriage with only two bras, two pair of old urine stinking panties but when they leave they leave with suitcases full of clothes nd atha stolen items. Majority of this creatures ends up in their fathers compounds, bedsitters, small rental rooms nd on the street , they then mutate into bitter single mothers afta their hubbies marries again nd move on. This creatures spend most of their time moving frm one husband to another, frm one sponsor to another nd eventually starts sleeping with married men so as to meet their basic needs but majority spends their life in their father’s compound swinging their flat buttocks nd looking like scarecrows ! Research continues…

The bi_tch must have stood you up.

Panya si una issues za relachonchip design ya @Ka-Buda?

Bibi amefanya nini raundi hii?..
Or if I can rephrase that.

Umefanya Bibi nini raundi hii?..

Engui wewe ni panya buku, ghasia

Distinguished Ka-Buda kindly update us on the progress with your latest catch/wife, wacha kunifuata[ATTACH=full]188049[/ATTACH]

This is supposed to be in the politics section

Kiatu imetoka…

WAH! Road rage on meth.

He he, irony! The vehicle against which he’s squeezed is written Good Health!

This has to be the worst English I’ve ever read in my life. My IQ has dropped by 69,890 points…waah…shiet!!


I just had to CSI for background.

@Amused is that you?

Wewe ni kama umeperembwa but ni sawa

… swinging their flat buttocks nd looking like scarecrows ! Research continues…

Hapa haujasema vizuri.

Leta hekaya nani.faster faster.
Penye moshi hapakosi moto.

LOL pole. Those you smell from afar. Si they are the nibuyie types?