this groove awards thing

is it supposed to be a competition…feasibly driving some people out
BET never get to these levels

willy paul ndio nani???

Gospel has always been full of hypocrisy him being part of it…now that hes not rewarded for it he becomes sour.Prosperity gospel is so messed up…theres a reason why atheism is taking root.

The guy did one song ikashika now he thinks he is a star.


His song are repetitive “Sitolia” and “kitanzi” both have the same theme…Plus he has so many controversies which me thinks are intentional so that he remains in the limelight.
He gives gospel a bad name.

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This guy willy paul reminds me of judas iscariot, he is proud, arrogant and has alot of greed.

boring artists

Sijui niseme, there was that time when he pozed with a fake mother infront of the cameras only for the real mother kujitokelezea

Team Bahati all the way …he has real talent n humble

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