This comment deserves to be a thread. Where will all the electricity come from?

[SIZE=5](Democrats and other tree huggers want to abolish oil and gas on the name of ‘saving the environment’ but where will the electricity needed to move the world come from???)[/SIZE]

You are a real bonobo. Uko na pesa ya kununua tesla ama Nissan leaf?

Nissan leaf mpya ni kshs 5 to 6 mirrions.

(Tesla wachana tu nayo.)

Na kama bill ya stima ya nyumba inakusumbua kulipa, bill ya ku-charge battery ya hio gari utawezana nayo kweli???

Kama kucharge simu inasumbua waKenya wengi many even opt to go charge their phones in the office to cut costs, what about charging a whole fu.cking car?

If you charge the car all night using KPLC power unadhani hizo ni token ngapi??? :D:D:D:D

Mind you you need 3 phase power not some fake solar panels that will charge your car slowly. Najua unataka kusema solar but solar haitoboi hii kazi.

Stima zikipotea unatembea. Matatu hakuna hio siku!!!

Kupika ni stima. Do you know how much it costs to cook githeri on an electric cooktop since there won’t be any LPG gas or kerosene in the world ???

Kama unalia bei ya token leo, hebu ondoa gas ushangae. Where will all these electricity to run these objects come from???

You environmentalists are crazy.

All the aeroplanes, trains, ships, motorbikes etc on earth will all start running on mains power! Hio stima yote itatoka wapi?

Kenya cannot afford to electrify the SGR. Kenya does not have sufficient electricity to power a simple train, what of thousands of cars, matatus and lorries running on electric motors???

How much electricity will a KQ electric jetliner need to fly from Nairobi to California???

Tuingie jeshi.

The military has fighter jets, helicopters, humvees, massive ships, boats,massive barracks … zote zitahitaji stima to operate.

In winter people’s homes use natural gas for heating. You will have to shift millions of customers from gas to electricity…

In Germany all electricity connections are three phase. Even on tiny houses.

Meanwhile millions of Nigerians and even Kenyans have no access to stable power. :smiley:

Also Western Europe has a linked power grid where excess power is moved to the next country. The most advanced electric grid on earth, the sychronous grid.

It guarantees that there is no power blackout in Europe. It is also a smart grid. Maybe there they have the advantage of continous power but all in all biden wants to start a class warfare because people will be borrowing loans just to pay their hefty electricity bills.

Only Iceland has sufficient power, generated from hydro and geothermal.

Pipelines are the most environmental friendly way of transporting oil, cancelation of Keystone XL will continue benefitting a railroad magnet from Nebraska, who happens to be a democratic donor.
All these things narrow down to financial interest, soon we will start importing oil from Middle East and else, facilitating for the logistics of these is a multi-billion dollar venture. The oil tankers have been laying idle for sometime now.

They are building small nuclear reactors which produce 70MW at $2B. Should cover our needs For the next 50 years.
Let’s face it. The race to Electric Vehicles is now down to the last 100meters. A model 3 Tesla at $35k is expensive now but there are so many entrants. An electric vehicle is just batteries and a motor. There’s no transmission or torque conversion, no serious cooling system. That price will drop drastically in the next 5 years. If they can make a Nissan now for $10k, they will make cheaper EVs for sure.

Suddenly the superiority that a BMW has over a Toyota will be gone. They can’t sell vehicles at the premiums as they have. All cars will be about the same. I think we are beginning to set the beginning of the end of Mercedes-Benz, BMWs and all “luxury” vehicles.

If dogecoin goes to $5 I’ll be able to afford a TESLA

70MW at $2b?

Yeah. What was your expectation? As reference SGR cost $3B.

Tusizoeane nanii!

Heshimu German engineering nanii … bloody nugu

Na kapopulation kadogo only 360k. There’s a comedian from there who says that they are lazy because they have everything.

The price of a smartphone or even a digital tv is going up not down. There is nothing digital or modern and especially that uses a rechargeable battery whose price has gone down. Samsung S21 wacha tu…

An iMac now costs as much as a car. So stop lying that the technology gets cheaper it only goes up!

Even the cheapest Chinese counterfeit phones have moved from 5k to 15k.

The 2021 fully electric VW ID.4 has a starting sticker price of a staggering $47,000 !

The 2021 conventional fossil fuel VW Polo has a base sticker price of $20,000 !

I was expecting a higher production. I might be wrong?

Dont forget the price of flat screens. When the plasma first came out, it was $16K for a 48 inch. Now is @ $199. Then we went to LEDs. $20K for a 48 inch. Then now we are are OLEDs. Right now down to $1200 for a 55’’ LG from $32K 6-7 years ago.

Right now yes. 7 years from now that car will be $7-12K new. Theres nothing in an electic car. I have sat in Teslas and they are very basic. Those who drive them say ni kama Nissan tu.

Wewe endelea kushtuliwa na mzungu. I cant help your convoluted mind.
An electric car is nothing but a motor and batteries. A big toycar.

Stop making stuff up. The only TVs that can cost $32,000 is a 100 inch or 88 inch massive TV. Zile za display massive wall to wall screens that can only fit in a huge mansion.

Having said that there was a time the largest analogue tv was only a few hundred dollars. We were lied to that Digital TVs will be very cheap but today we are talking of screens going for $2,000!

Similarly you are lying ati digital cars will be cheaper in future, no they won’t. They will only get more expensive.Will salaries grow to match this expensive future lifestyles? No one knows.

In 1995 a Lambo costed $120,000 or less. In 2001 it hit $250,000… today even a million dollars may not be enough to get you a brand new lambo.

Modern digital gadgets are obscenely expensive. Na ni plastic tupu sijui carbon fibre. Total con games.

What I am saying is the following. A Tesla 3 is ~30k today. But once it becomes mainstream, it will be half that price. Simply because the technology to produce the batteries will be streamlined. Plus is needs much fewer components than a CE. And also stiff competition. Plus since volumes will be up, they can take lower profit margins.

Using a Lambo is not a good example. It’s not for the masses. A Lambo is niche car. It’s meant to be outside the pockets of a regular man.

But do you agree that TVs have gotten cheaper as production increases within the same technology? This is fairly simple to illustrate.

That’s a lie simply because the next model tesla will have more features and double the price.

They threw in a touch screen in the Mercedes S class and it went from $72,000 in 2018 to a staggering $120,000 in 2021 for the BASE MODEL.

Nothing gets cheaper in the digital age