"This black guy"

Gentlemen… Do you think this statement is racist? In my opinion, I don’t think the 4th official meant to racially abuse Instabul FC assistant coach by referring to him as above during the PSG vs Instabul Match. I think the Assistant coach Webo made a big deal out of nowhere

Kusema ukweli, hata mi sioni. Niliskia ni 4th official nikashangaa niaje, kumbe ni kitu ndogo hivo.

why refer to someone by their skin color… deep down these guys are racist , think of it this way… in his head he was thinking you monkey but mdomo ikasema you black guy coz he was in public , he should be fired very fast akuwe example

i wonder why african bonobos love european(non-african) football leagues , they make monkey sounds every time a black guy touches the ball and you can’t see you are also being insulted…yenyewe waafrika hatujipendi


Uiita mzungu white boy itakuwa a feminist case.

He didnt say this black guy…he said ‘al negru’ in romanian. When translated to english it says ‘this negro’. Thats just racist. Why couldnt he just say the assistant coach. Deep down white people are all racists.

Racist or not Canada nitaenda kunukisha kitunngu