This Bail For Capital Offenses should be repealed

Why should courts waste alot of time having bail hearings every other week only to end up declining the bail requests much of the time? Can they just remove that clause in the coming referendum? Let us not be subjected to redundant bail hearings where the answer is always BAIL DENIED and where Criminal Defense Lawyer ‘Extraordinaire’ Cliff Ombeta and his cohorts prance around with a melange of legalese mpaka Judge anasema I AM LOST like Lady Justice Lessit has just now quipped in Obado’s bail hearing ,mpaka after exhausting all avenues from illness to the right to bail as a fundamental human right particularly for people with families AND Children - which children ? Toto who is in Australia eating county monies? He really needs his dad right now my lady . Well I can think of an even more fundamental right- the right to life of both Sharon and the baby . What was the rationale behind the need for bail for capital offenses anyway to me it makes absolutely no sense. Obviously when there are such high stakes, the accused is a flight risk and is likely to eliminate,intimidate or atleast somehow attempt to influence the witnesses. I am almost certain that people like Brian Kassaine state witness is not getting any witness protection seeing as he must report to Kilimani Police station every fortnight. What happens if this guy goes missing or is eliminated??? Particularly if the co-accused who are his neighbours are granted bail?


Kenya maisha ni kubahatisha.

this is a thug Kingdom, whether bail is removed or not,those aligned with the state will get it either way

Hebu ona the genius circus of Cliff Ombeta, ati sijui my lady there’s a blind fold and if you remove blind fold you will peep into evidence. Hii ni kusumbua judge. Btw isnt there a conflict of interest for the counsel to include a former judge whose worked with Lessit i.e. Ombija?

Kama DCJ Mwilu is a proven mkora, why would you expect any sanity in the direction of the country? This county is moving forward only by the strength of those of us who have no opportunities to steal and murder. At the top there is zero leadership… zero zilch zip nada nothing

Siku moja, God forbid, utawekelewa. That is the day you will know the importance of bail. One day, God forbid, you will be framed. That is when you will know the importance of bail.


an eye for an eye …Kenyans will stop the killing.

Surely Ombeta is now becoming too desperate. Ati my lady, we are lambs and you are the shepherd with the staff, to protect us against the wolves, and am not saying who is the wolf here! Is this the type of counsel the guy is famous for sasa imekuwa Churchill to make the madam laugh ndio apeane bail ???!!!

“Ambulance chaser” yeye anatafuta pesa
few can afford that lawyer !

Kama umewekereo, bond should be the last thing you worry about. Na kama mwenye kukuwekerea is a professional, kamiti utaenda tuuuuu… God forbid…

Huyu myamaa si atakonda walai…Apana kimbizana na sirkal if your pockets are not Kidero’s .

His fees are not standard, its the wealthier clients who make up for the deficit of high profile cases of less fortunate people like Dola,like Jowie ,for some of his clients he does pro bono work but actually for him its free advertising since I think legal counsel like doctors are not supposed to advertise their services?!

If only you’d use paragraphs and proper grammar! That’s very hard to read.

You got his point !


I got used to typing and then someone very meticulous edits for me as they spell check and grammar check so its a bad habit .


Jesus himself was framed